Crossbow Hunting Law Set to Expire Dec. 31st

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The New Year means hunters in New York will no longer be able to use crossbows to hunt big game. Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed a law that would have expanded cross bow hunting for another two years because of a provision attached to the measure.

The move pleases some bow hunters, who object to the use of crossbows because they’re not traditional archery equipment.

“The crossbow is drawn back with a cocking device and stays in that loaded position very much like a gun. We feel like that technology has gone over the bridge into where it's not archery anymore,” said Thomas Carrella, president of the group Suffolk Archers.

That isn’t true, according to Rick McDermott, president of the New York Crossbow Coalition.

“They perform virtually the same. The only difference that we will contend is that it's pre-drawn and it's cocked, yet I still have to hold it on the animal and I still have to take a legal, ethical shot,” McDermott said.

The law expires Monday, December 31st. Hunters with physical disabilities are still allowed to use crossbows for big and small game, but they may need to apply for a special permit.