Obama’s Case for New York

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Barack Obama is campaigning in New York right now to make his case for president. Find out why he thinks he’d be a better president than the hometown candidates. Also, how much freedom of expression do you have in the workplace, and CNN commentator Jack Cafferty. Plus, we hear from Columbia University president Lee Bollinger the morning after Ahmedinejad's speech, get an analysis of his statements on nuclear proliferation, and get reactions from Columbia students who attended the event. And the MTA is planning to raise fares again; WNYC reporter Beth Fertig explains the details.

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Lee Bollinger, Jack Cafferty, Beth Fertig and President Barack Obama

Playing Host to Controversy

Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University, explains the comments he made when he introduced Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday.

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Open Phones: Students and Ahmedinejad

We open the phones to students who want to react to the Iranian President's speech at Columbia University yesterday.

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The Nuclear Question

Jacqueline Shire, senior analyst at the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), analyzes Ahmadinejad's comments about nuclear proliferation.

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Your cubicle has eyes!

Some workers know to keep their personal emails out of the office server, but what do you do if you are punished professionally for a blog you write at home, or for a political bumper sticker on your car? Bruce Barry, professor of management and sociology at Vanderbilt University and ...

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Obama to New York

Barack Obama, United States Senator (D-IL) and presidential candidate, discusses his presidential campaign and Thursday's rally in Washington Square Park.

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Cafferty Files

Jack Cafferty, host and commentator on CNN, former New York local news anchor, and the author of It's Getting Ugly Out There: The Frauds, Bunglers, Liars, and Losers Who Are Hurting America (Wiley, 2007), gives his take on national and international politics.

It's Getting Ugly Out There ...

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Fare Play

WNYC reporter Beth Fertig looks at the two ways the MTA is proposing to increase subway fares.

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Beth Fertig 9.25

Beth Fertig 9.25

Originally uploaded by wnyc

WNYC reporter Beth Fertig explains the deatils of the MTA's plan to raise fare prices on the Brian Lehrer Show, ...


Jack Cafferty

Jack Cafferty

Originally uploaded by wnyc

CNN host and commentator Jack Cafferty debates the merits of the presidential candidates on the Brian Lehrer Show, 9/25/07.


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