Are You Being Gouged?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our latest "crowdsourcing" project asks listeners to go to their local grocery store and find out the price of three goods: milk, lettuce and beer. You don’t have to buy them (or consume them), but we want to know how much they cost in different neighborhoods throughout the New York area.

Associate producer Jim Colgan introduces the new project.

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Jim Colgan

Comments [361]

samir Succar

lettuce 1.59
milk 2.29
6 of bud 5.50

washington ave and lincoln pl, prospect hts bklyn

(the lettuce & milk were from the key foods that doesn't sell beer. the bud was from the bodega across the street that doesn't sell either milk or produce)


Oct. 04 2007 12:58 PM
Emily C. from "Prospect Heights"


Washington Ave. between Prospect Pl. and Park Pl.

Milk: $1.19

Lettuce: $1.39

Beer: $4.99

Oct. 04 2007 12:43 PM
Genette from Brooklyn

Met foods Nostrand Ave. (Between St. Johns & Sterling)

lettuce: $1.49
beer: $5.49 (no bottles, only cans)
milk: $1.34

Oct. 04 2007 12:34 PM
Linda from North Miami

Publix on Biscayne Boulevard North Miami
milk 1.29
lettuce 1.58
beer 5.67

Oct. 04 2007 12:01 PM
Liz from Sunset Park/Boro Park Brooklyn

$1.20 Milk Pathmark brand in paper container
$1.99 Iceberg lettuce
$5.69 Beer

60th Street and 13th Avenue on edge of Boro Park and Bensonhurst

Pathmark Boro Park is a large 24hr. supermarket with lots of parking; it doesn't look very friendly for pedestrians.

surprised by the competitive price of the milk

Oct. 04 2007 11:55 AM
Maria B. from Park Slope, Brooklyn

Key Food
Prospect Heights, Flatbush Ave & Sterling Pl.

Milk: 1.59

Lettuce 1.69

Beer 6.99

Prices are higher here in gentrifying but still often poor neighborhood than in Park Slope!

Key Food
Park Slope, 7th Ave and Carroll St.

Milk 1.20

Lettuce 1.69

Beer 5.69

I am speculating that since many people in Park Slope (not me!) have cars they shop at Fairway, Pathmark, the Food Co-op or somewhere they can drive to -- or they get Fresh Direct. Therefore, this Key Food has alot of competition and has to keep prices lower.

Oct. 04 2007 11:16 AM
Joanne from Stratford, CT

Location #1: Stop&Shop Supermarket, 898 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT 06484

lettuce: $1.49
beer: $5.99
milk: $1.59 for both store and regional brand

Location #2: Stop&Shop Supermarket, 200 East Main St., Stratford, CT 06614
lettuce: $1.49
beer: $5.99
milk: $1.79 for regional brand
milk: $1.69 for store brand

Stop&Shop is a regional supermarket in the NE. I usually don't shop there, but went there for the survey. I had heard from neighbors, that prices in Shelton are sometimes lower than Stratford, so I elected to survey these stores. But, I was still surprised to see that milk is more expensive in Stratford. The Shelton Store is surrounded by corporate offices and near more expensive homes. The Stratford store is close to the Post Road and the commuter railroad station.

Oct. 04 2007 10:58 AM
A. Toklas from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Quart Milk - $1.75

Iceberg Lettuce - $2.00

Bud - $7.50

Korean Deli - 359 Deli and Grocery on Graham and Conselyea. I am not surprised because I suspect that the Korean deli owners have some sort of association where they have a mutual gouging pact. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with how much rent they pay but more with the obliviousness of the general public and what they can get away with.

Oct. 04 2007 10:56 AM
Mimi from Bergen County, NJ

Iceberg lettuce $1.99
Milk $1.49

King's, Midland Park

Bud bottles $5.99

Pretty sure I remember this price correctly -- Bottle King, Glen Rock

Oct. 04 2007 10:50 AM
JB from Roosevelt Island

Milk: 1 qt. $1.39 (pt $1.29 so the 2nd pt costs 10 cents)

Lettuce: $1.99

Budweiser: In the refrigerator case it was marked $6.99. On the shelf it was marked $10.99. I didn't buy it, so I don't know how it would have scanned.

This was the Gristedes on Roosevelt Island. This store depends on the fact that many residents are a captive audience (we have a large number of seniors and disabled people). The staff is rude, store not especially clean, and things are often out of stock. The discrepancy in the price of beer is not surprising either. A pound of "ethnic coffee" sold on the "International" aisle is often half again the price of the same coffee sold on the coffee aisle.

Oct. 04 2007 10:49 AM
Joe Corrao from Brooklyn

Fluff show...any word when Dr. Ron Paul will be on...he will be in NYC Oct 12, 2007

Oct. 04 2007 10:35 AM
Spencer Leaf from Madrid, Spain

Just in case you find this interesting...

Type: Alimentación (Deli)

Neighborhood: Chueca (Center of Madrid)

Milk (Liter): €1.25

Lettuce: €1.30

6 pack Mahou: .80€/can €4.80 for 6
(Spanish equivilant to Budweiser, sold individually and in cans)

Total: € 7.35 ($10.35)

Type: Supermarket

Neighborhood: Chueca

Milk: .85€

Lettuce: .73€

6 pack Mahou: €2.60 (Bud available €5.88)

Total: €4.18 ($5.89)

Oct. 04 2007 09:55 AM
Enid from Forest Hills

milk $1.59
BUD $6.99
iceberg lettuce $1.79
High-end market, Natural, Austin Street, nr Ascan

Oct. 04 2007 09:45 AM
Mary from Jersey City, NJ

Whole milk - store brand: $1.29
Iceberg lettuce: $1.49
Budweiser beer: $4.89
Store: ShopRite
Address: 400 Marin Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07302
Neighborhood: Jersey City
Distinguishing characteristic: Supermarket
Surprised: Only that the beer was as little as $4.89. I assumed beer was more expensive.

Oct. 04 2007 06:32 AM
millicent aronoff from Quentin Road and East 34th Street, Brooklyn

milk 1.19

lettuce 1.99

6 pack Budweiser 5.99

Local small super-market

No surprises

Oct. 04 2007 12:57 AM
Jeff from Upper East Side

milk - $1.39
lettuce - $2.49
Bud - $6.49

Food Emporium - 1st Ave. b/w 71st and 72nd St.

not too surprised, but there are better beers that are cheaper (Yuengling)

Oct. 04 2007 12:57 AM
millicent aronoff from Quentin Road and East 34th Street, Brooklyn

milk 1.19

lettuce 1.99

6 pack Budweiser 5.99

local super-market not a large chain

Oct. 04 2007 12:54 AM
millicent aronoff from Quentin Road and East 34th Street, Brooklyn

iceberg lettuce 1.99

quart of milk 1.19

6 pack Budweiser 5.99

moderate priced super-market

Oct. 04 2007 12:52 AM
Susan Rutkowski from ShopRite, Garnerville, NY

Beer $5.69
Milk $1.15
Lettuce $1.49

Oct. 03 2007 07:16 PM
Paul from Hudson Heights, Manhattan

Beer - $4.99
Lettuce - $1.49
Milk - $1.19

Bravo Supermarket, 4261 Broadway (between 181st and 182nd streets), Manhattan

This neighborhood is the best kept secret in the city. Virtually everything is cheaper up here!

Oct. 03 2007 05:45 PM
WINNIFRED JOHNSON from Concord Village, Downtown Brooklyn

Associated, Corner of Jay Street & Tillary Street
Milk $2.73
Iceberg Lettuce $1.49
6 Pack of Bud $7.99

Garden of Eden 180 Montague Street,Brooklyn Heights
Milk $2.99
Iceberg Lettuce $1.99
6 Pack of Bud $10.99

Oct. 03 2007 05:02 PM
WINNIFRED JOHNSON from Concord Village, Downtown Brooklyn

Corner of Jay Street& Tillary Street
Milk $2.73
Iceberg Lettuce $1.49
6 Pack of Bud $7.99

Garden of Eden, 180 Montague St. Brooklyn Heights
Milk $2.99
Iceberg Lettuce $1.99
6 Pack of Bud $10.99

Oct. 03 2007 04:50 PM
Chris from Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Garden of Eden
180 Montague St. (Court/Clinton Sts.)

iceberg lettuce: n/a
nonorganic whole milk: $1.59/qt.
bottled budweiser: $12.99/6 pk.

$12.99 a six pack?! Egads. I get that fancy folk don't like iceberg lettuce (I'm a old hillbilly, and I don't like it either), but a ten minute train ride can get you a 12 pack of (icky) budweiser for that price. The milk is a bit high, too.

Oct. 03 2007 04:05 PM
Mike from Manhattan

C-Town 4918 Bway (207 St.): Lettuce - $1.99, Qt Milk - $1.29, No Beer

Fine Fare 4776 Bway (200th-Dykeman): Lettuce - $1.99, Qt Milk - $1.29, 6-pk Bud - $8.99

Selecto Supermarket 95 Sherman St (Dykeman/Academy): Lettuse - $1.99, Qt Milk - $1.20, No Beer

This last store had an interesting letter from the State of New York posted. It said that the ceiling price for a quart of milk in August, 2007, under the NYS "Milk Gouging Law" was $1.20 in greater NYC and $1.14 in the rest of the state. Ceiling prices were also listed for the gallon and half-gallon, but I did not take note of them.

Oct. 03 2007 03:38 PM
Benjamin from Met/Cherry Farm Supermarket, 44-07 43rd Ave., Sunnyside, Queens 11104

Milk (qt.): $1.29
Head of iceberg lettuce: $1.99
6-pack Budweiser (12-oz. bottles): $5.49

Oct. 03 2007 03:13 PM
George Korin from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Bodega: Manhattan Ave and Eagle St.
The owners are very pleasant (that's worth something)

Milk $1.59

Lettuce $1.49

Bud $6.00

Milk price was a little high. I thought that this staple would be more uniform throughout NYC

Oct. 03 2007 03:08 PM
Jerry from Melville, NY

Waldbaum's New York Ave. Melville
Milk: $1.20
Iceberg Lettuce: $1.99
Budweiser Beer: $4.99

It made me realize how fortunate I am to like drinking milk instead of beer.

Oct. 03 2007 02:56 PM
Donald Johnson from Bay Ridge

(I'm adding comment to previous comment.)

Posted by: Donald Johnson October 03, 2007 - 12:26PM
Bay Ridge
Food City

3rd Ave and 75 St.

Bay Ridge

Milk $1.09

Lettuce $1.99

6 pack of Bud $5.99

Food City is the biggest supermarket in the northern part of Bay Ridge, on one of the main commercial avenues. The price of the lettuce is a surprise and leaves me wondering if it is locally grown (NYS), and if not, why not? Upstate keeps looking for economic development. With vegetables priced as they are, it might make sense to look into agricultural development.

Oct. 03 2007 12:45 PM
Donald Johnson from Bay Ridge

Food City
3rd Ave and 75 St.
Bay Ridge

Milk $1.09
Lettuce $1.99
6 pack of Bud $5.99

Oct. 03 2007 12:26 PM
Irving from Flushing

Oops! Too quick with the enter button. One more time with gusto.

$1.29 quart of whole milk
$1.99 head of iceberg lettuce
$5.69 6-pack 12 oz. bottles of Budweiser

Downtown Flushing, majority of restaurant, retail and commercial activity and population is asian. However, it is also a transportation hub where #7 subway and 21 bus lines terminates bringing people from the surrounding communities

Key Food NW corner of Roosevelt Avenue & Bowne Street

Not too surprised. I'm not a regular whole milk and Bud buyer. However, price of lettuce seemed a bit higher than I remembered it too be.

Oct. 03 2007 11:36 AM
Irving from Flushing

$1.29 quart of whole milk

$1.99 head of iceberg lettuce

$5.69 6-pack 12 oz. bottle of Budweiser

Oct. 03 2007 11:24 AM
Brian from Manhattan - SOHA

Milk - $1.39/Qt

Iceberg Lettuce - $1.69/head

6-pack Bud - $6.99

Fine Fare - corner 116th & Lenox Ave.

Surprised? -- yes, I thought the items would be much cheaper here than most other areas, but I see it's not the case

Oct. 03 2007 10:58 AM
Betty from The Bronx

Had to weigh in with the Bronx!

Quart of milk: $1.39
Iceberg lettuce: $1.69
6 pack Bud: $6.99

Foodtown: East 204th Street (Norwood area. Mid-level supermarket chain.

Working class neighborhood. Prices are comparable to the local grocery stores (of which we have quite a few).

Oct. 03 2007 10:58 AM
Lisa from Upper Upper West Side

104th/Amsterdam Deli M 1.39 L 1.49

105-106/Amsterdam Deli M 1.49 B 5.50

106th/Amsterdam Deli M 1.19 B 5.00

107-108/B’way Garden of Eden M 1.09 L .99

110/B’way Westside Mkt M 1.15 B 6.99 L 1.99

110/B’way D’Agostino M 1.49 B 6.49 L 1.59

Oct. 03 2007 10:54 AM
Ace from Croton on Hudson, NY


Iceberg Lettuce $1.99

Qt Milk $1.20

Bud (six pack bottles) 5.79

Oct. 03 2007 12:12 AM
bk from nyc

oh, dear, you're not going to believe this. chalk it up to human error....
I'm the "murrey hill" writer - 1st, I checked the prices at D'ag (35th & 3rd)& at gourmet garage in soho on the same day. later, after I'd written my data in, it occurred to me that $10.99 was too outrageous for Bud. I went back a few days later & saw that it was $6.99. oops, I considered writing in again. But I thought it would be too confusing and all of the surveys would balance mine out. Well, you can imagine my shock to hear the whole show revolve around my survey. I was squirming in my chair. I actually went back to D'ag today to find out for sure what had happened & saw, in tiny letters, that it was a 12 pack that was $10.99. I am so sorry. so much for audience participation.... bjk

Oct. 02 2007 10:28 PM
Roberta Sandenbergh from Flushing Key Food Roosevelt Av & Bowne St

Flushing : Going Home Again.

First thing I noticed about the Flushing station was that there was an escalator going straight up to Roosevelt Avenue. It is a very long and an incredibly high escalator. In my day, you had to climb three flights of stairs. My mother, who lived on Roosevelt Avenue for over thirty years, would have been thrilled. But it came too late for her. She died eleven years ago.

I stopped in at my mother’s old apartment house and asked the doorman how long he had been working there. Since 1983. His name was Sidney and he remembered my mother very well: “the short lady on the second floor, the one who walked with a cane. Yes, I remember her,” he said. “A real nice lady.”

Finally - I remembered the true purpose of my visit to Flushing - to fill in the MPR/ NYC-FM Grocery Price Survey. I quickly went in to the Key Food supermarket on the corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Bowne Street and looked around for iceberg lettuce, a quart of whole milk and a six-pack of bottled 12 oz. Budweiser beer. In my Midtown Manhattan neighborhood, the lettuce was $2.29 – here it was $1.99. At the Associated Supermarket on 57th Street, the milk was $1.29 – here it was $1.24. And the beer, which was $6.79 in midtown, here was only $5.69!

So thank you, MPR. Your survey gave me a chance to go home again. And now I know where to go to save on groceries!
Roberta Sandenbergh.

Oct. 02 2007 09:11 PM

Key Food Hillside Avenue Jamaica

milk #1.20

lettuce $1.49

couldn't get beer price

Oct. 02 2007 08:53 PM
Steve Cowie

Gristede's 96 and Bway

Gallon (sorry) milk: 4.99
Iceberg: 2.49
Bud bottles: 6.99

Oct. 02 2007 08:15 PM
Sandra Meade from Throggs Neck, NY 10465

At Foodtown, corner of Brueckner Boulevard and Logan Avenue on the Throggs Neck/Pelham border:

1 qt whole milk: $1.29
6-pk Bud 12-oz bottles: $5.99
Head of iceburg lettuce: $1.69
Mid-size neighborhood grocery
Not surprised

Oct. 02 2007 05:06 PM
Christynn from Woodbridge, NJ

Wegmans, Woodbridge Center Drive, Woodbridge, NJ (high-end supermarket)

Milk: 1.69

Lettuce: 1.29

Beer: 4.99
(The beer price came from Wine Country/ Liquor City in Woodbridge.)

I was a little surprised by the lettuce, because it's iceberg and I don't feel the other types of lettuce they sell there are that much more expensive.

I usually buy a half-gallon of 2% organic milk from here for 2.99, so I assumed the quart of whole would have been cheaper than 1.69.

Oct. 02 2007 04:02 PM
Ace from Croton on Hudson, NY

Zeytinia Market

Milk $1.29/qt

Lettuce $1.69/Head

Bud (Six Pack Bottles)$6.99

Except for the beer,seems pretty reasonable.

Oct. 02 2007 02:31 PM
Amy from Red Hook, Brooklyn

lettuce: $1.89
milk: $1.09
beer: $5.49

The grocery store is the relatively new Fairway at the very end of Van Brunt Street. Although we shop there all the time, we were still sort of surprised because these prices seem low. It is a pretty fancy store.

Oct. 02 2007 12:10 PM
gale from Rockville Centre NY

whole milk-$1.35
Iceberg -$1.99

Korean Grocery
Sunrise Highway

Oct. 02 2007 12:07 PM
Gwen G from Starrett City Shopping Center, Brooklyn NY

Place: Associated Supermarket Starrett City Shopping Center Brooklyn Ny

Milk - 1.29

Lettuce - 1.99

Beer - 5.29

Surprised - No, this is a huge supermarket and the prices are very good. The sales are fantastic. I live in Starrett City but I also frequent the Park Slope area and the prices there are much higher.

Oct. 02 2007 11:00 AM
Jane from Village

Han's Deli on Broadway at Bleecker St.

Milk- $2.49
Lettuce- $2.49
Beer- $8.50

Crazy prices but not so surpised, I knew I was being gouged.

Oct. 02 2007 10:33 AM
Paul Antunes from Flushing, Queens

Prices found yesterday (10/1/07) at my local supermarket: FOOD PLUS, 44-24 Kissena Blvd. (bet. Cherry & Elder Aves.), Flushing 11355

milk -- $1.29

lettuce -- $1.69

6pk. Bud -- $5.29

I was surprised that the price of iceberg lettuce (which I never buy) was 70 cents more than that of the varieties I prefer (red & green leaf; romaine).

Oct. 02 2007 09:23 AM
Richard from Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland

These prices are converted from Euros at 1.41$ to Euro

Milk $1.41
Lettuce $1.41
Bud (sorry 12 pack) $19.07

Tesco at Artane Castle

Artane, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Oct. 02 2007 04:41 AM
Richard from Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland

Milk (1 litre) .99 Eoros = $1.41
Iceberg .99 Euros = $1.41
Beer (Bud 12 pack) 13.39 Euros = $19.07

Oct. 02 2007 04:39 AM
Maya from West Village

Bethune and Greenwich Streets

Milk: $1.59

Iceberg Lettuce: $2.29

6 pack Bud: $6.49

Not surprised. Compared to other supermarkets, prices can be up to a dollar more here for some items.

Oct. 01 2007 11:30 PM
john from rocky point,NY (eastern LI)

Milk -1.29
beer-6.00 plus deposit
lettuce- 1.99

McCarricks Dairy

Oct. 01 2007 09:41 PM
Susanne from Summit, NJ

Prices at Shoprite in Springfield, NJ

milk $1.64
lettuce $1.49

Supermarkets in New Jersey don't sell beer.

Oct. 01 2007 08:16 PM
John G- from Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

C-Town Coney Island Ave. Near Cortelyou

Milk = $1.15
Lettuce = $1.49
6 Pack Bud = $6.99

"A Peregrination"

Oct. 01 2007 06:08 PM
Howard from Washington Heights

Smile Deli, 758 W. 181st St.
Milk - 1.39
Beer - 6.50
Lettuce - 1.49

Jen's Superette, 804 W. 181st St.
Milk - 1.39
Beer - 5.75
Lettuce - 1.79

Surprised at the difference in these 2 places less than a block away from each other.

Oct. 01 2007 06:02 PM
John G- from Ditmas Park - Brooklyn

C-Town Coney Island Ave. Near Cortelyou

Milk = $1.15
Lettuce = $1.49
6 Pack Bud = $6.99

"A Peregrination"

Oct. 01 2007 05:54 PM
Fred Kohlhoff from forest hills

Country Farms (C-Town)
on Yellowstone Blvd. near Dartmouth in Forest Hills
bud $6.29
milk $1.19
lettuce $1.69

Oct. 01 2007 05:14 PM
Emily Chang from Kew Gardens, NY

Milk: 1.50

Lettuce: 1.29

Beer: 8.00

Location: Joy Fruit (Small Korean Store) - Corner of Metropolitan and Audley Streets in Kew Gardens, NY

Oct. 01 2007 03:41 PM
Judy Miller from Forest Hills

Associated Supermarket-Forest Hills
between Yellowstone and 108th

Iceberg lettuce $1.69
Qt. milk $1.29
6 pack budweiser(12 oz cans-couldn't find bottles) $5.49

This neighborhood (north side of Queens Blvd.) tends to run less expensive-big reason for living here.

Oct. 01 2007 03:02 PM
Judy Miller from Forest Hills

Associated on 64th Rd, between Yellowstone and 108th in Forest Hills

Iceberg lettuce $1.69
Quart Milk

Oct. 01 2007 02:59 PM

A&P Pompton Lakes, NJ
Milk $1.39
Iceberg $1.69
Bud $4.99 (separate store in same location)

Shoprite Wayne, NJ
Milk $1.29
Iceberg $1.49
Bud $5.50

California Market Wayne, NJ
Milk 1.59
Iceberg $.79
Bud $5.72 (separate store in same location)

Oct. 01 2007 02:35 PM
bill from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Shop Rite
175 Main Street
Lodi, NJ 07644

Milk: $1.19
Lettuce: $1.49
Beer: $4.99

I'm not particularly surprised. I don't normally buy any of these items. Shop Rite is one of the more reasonably priced supermarkets in this area. A small "bodega" near my office in Hasbrouck Heights charges almost a dollar more for a quart of milk, but they make most of their money on coffee, lottery sales and candy. They don't sell liquor or fresh vegetables or the lactose-free milk that I normally buy. When I buy milk there, I check the "Sell By" date.

Oct. 01 2007 02:14 PM
regina schrambling from upper west side

Jubilee Market/Gold Street/Financial District (Huge upscale deli with grocery store)

Milk: $1.19

Iceberg: $1.99

6-pack Budweiser bottles: $8.00

D'Agostino's/91st & Columbus/Upper West Side


Iceberg: $2.29

Bud: $6.49

Oct. 01 2007 12:47 PM
Lucinda Hughey-Wiley from Park Slope, Brooklyn 11215

a head of iceberg lettuce $1.69
a quart of whole milk (non-organic) $1.20 (Tuscan
a six-pack of 12 oz. bottles of Budweiser beer =

I don't normally buy beer but I'm shocked to see the differences from this survey. Fortunately, I am a member of the Park Slope Food Coop, two blocks away whose policy is not to make a profit but to save money for its members. The milk there is about 89 cents a quart; they don't sell iceberg but rather "greener" lettuces, and no Bud. So I can't really do a comparison.

Oct. 01 2007 12:44 PM
Sally from Alphabet City

I live directly between two very different supermarkets serving the Loisaida/East Village area so I researched both.

Milk: 1.19
lettuce: 1.79
Beer: 4.99

Milk: 1.09
lettuce: 1.99
beer: 6.49

C-Town is on 12th St. & Avenue C
Associated is on 8th St. & Avenue C

C-Town serves a mostly Spanish-speaking low-income and working class customer-base.

Associated, 4 blocks away, features organic and gourmet foods and serves mostly white East Village gentrifiers.

Not surprised. I shop at both depending on whether I'm more concerned with $ or food quality at a given moment.

Oct. 01 2007 12:32 PM
Stew from Forest Hills

Key Food

Yellowstone Blvd between Queens Blvd & Gerard Pl

Milk: $1.29

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $5.69 (correction of previous submission).

Expected lettuce to be less expensive in Queens than Manhattan

This was submitted last week, but you said there were no responses from Forest Hills, so I'm sending it in again.

Oct. 01 2007 12:07 PM
Avid Listener from Wayne, NJ

A&P Pompton Lakes, NJ
Milk $1.39
Iceberg $1.69
Bud $4.99 (separate store in same location)

Shoprite Wayne, NJ
Milk $1.29
Iceberg $1.49
Bud $5.50

California Market Wayne, NJ
Milk $1.59
Iceberg $.79
Bud $5.72 (separate store in same location)

PS: NJ rarely sells beer or wine in grocery stores.

Oct. 01 2007 12:01 PM
Ed from Hoboken, NJ

Did someone already post the FreshDirect prices.. I think if I lived in Murray Hill, I'd be ordering more from there.. !

Farmland Whole Milk 1qt $1.19
Boston Lettuce #$1.69 each
Bud 6pk $6.49

This adds a great deal of context. I'd like to see a spreadsheet of results..

Did anyone contact the owner of the 'worst offender' stores?

Oct. 01 2007 11:59 AM
Michael from Manhattan

Upper East Side: 3rd Avenue & E78th Street

Milk = $1.39 a quart

Iceberg lettuce = $2.09

Budweiser = $7.59

Yes, I was shocked at the high prices. There doesn't seem to be and end of the rising prices in Manhattan for groceries, especially Orange Juice and Ice Cream.

Oct. 01 2007 11:54 AM
Sarah from Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

iceberg lettuce $1.59
milk $1.19
beer $6.29

the Met supermarket on Court St. & Baltic St. in Boerum Hill, Bklyn
the Met is a large, chain grocery store

I was surprised only by the lettuce. Like a previous poster, I also has the amount .79 in my mind as reasonable.

Oct. 01 2007 11:21 AM
Alan Roche from Battery Park City/Tribeca

Food Emporium Greenwich Street/ Reade Street
$1.20 Milk
$3.49 Lettuce
$6.99 Beer

Terry's Deli Chambers btwn River and North end
$12.49 beer
$1.35 Milk
no lettuce

24 hour deli North End btwn Chambers and Warren
$13.69!!! beer
$1.25 Milk
$2.99 Lettuce

Oct. 01 2007 10:58 AM
Mark from East Village/Tompkins Square Park Manhattan

Milk: $1.60

Lettuce: $2.00

Budweiser: $7.60

Name: Sheen Bros. Market

Location: Corner of Avenue B & 10th Street

Characteristic: Small neighborhood bodega

Surprised: Yes!

Oct. 01 2007 10:55 AM
Mark from East Village/Tompkins Square Park Manhattan

Milk: $1.89

Lettuce: $2.00

Budweiser: $9.50
Name: Sunny & Annie Food Market

Location: Corner of Avenue B & 6th Street

Characteristic: Small neighborhood bodega

Surprised: Yes!

Oct. 01 2007 10:54 AM
Mark from East Village/Tompkins Square Park Manhattan

Milk: $1.09

Lettuce: $1.49

Budweiser: $6.49

Name: Associated SuperMarket

Location: Corner of Avenue C & East 8th Street

Characteristic: Small Supermarket

Surprised: No! best prices in the neighborhood

Oct. 01 2007 10:51 AM

unfortunatley, the Northampton blogger did not specify the size of the eggs (medium, large, or extra large) so his survey might not be scientific...

Oct. 01 2007 10:21 AM
paolo mastrangelo from northampton, MA

inspired by this great project at WNYC, Northamptonist took the ball and ran with it here in Northampton MA.

Oct. 01 2007 09:44 AM
Geoff Abbas from Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

C Town Supermarket
corner of Throop Avenue and Gates Avenue
Bedford Stuyvesant

lettuce - $1.25

milk - $1.19

Bud 6 pack - $4.99

not surprised

Oct. 01 2007 09:09 AM
Lori from Lefferts Gardens

Last submission:
Iceberg Lettuce: $1.19
Milk 1.19
Bud Beer bottle 5.99

Pioneer Supermarket on Parkside between Ocean Avenue and Flatbush Avenue in Lefferts Gardens Brooklyn.

this is one of the best prices I've seen and I am surprised becuase I thought people got gouged in the poorer neigborhoods.

Oct. 01 2007 09:07 AM
Bruce B from Highland Park, NJ

Milk, whole, qt $1.69 Stop'n'Shop
Lettuce, head iceberg $1.49 Stop'n'Shop
Beer, Bud 12oz bottles (cold) $4.99 Pino's

Milk surprised me. In fairness, same store sells gallons at $4.29/gal (house brand) or $4.79 (Tuscan) which I hope a budgeting family uses.

Oct. 01 2007 08:38 AM
Barbara Murray from Forest Hills

Key Food on Queens Blvd. near 71st./ Continental Ave.

Lettuce $1.99
Milk $1.29
Bud $5.99

Much cheaper than stores I visited along Steinway Street over the weekend. Many stores did not carry all 3 items. One that did was Alexandria's Deli of NY, 28-13 Steinway St., Long Island City.
Lettuce, $1.00 (but it was not refrigerated)
qt. milk $1.89
6 pack Bud in bottles, $7.50.

Oct. 01 2007 07:39 AM
Abby from West Village

Gristede's at 3 Sheridan Square
milk: $1.39
lettuce: $1.99
beer: $6.99

Associated/Morton Williams
Bleecker and La Guardia Pl.
milk: $1.29
lettuce: $1.89
beer: $6.79 (warm, on shelf)
beer: $7.79 (cold, in refrigerator case)

And, just as a comparison
Greenport, NY (near the eastern end of the North Fork, on Long Island)
milk: 1.19
lettuce: $1.99
beer: $14.99 for 18 12-oz bottles (not six-packs in stock)

Oct. 01 2007 12:09 AM
Josh from Hopatcong, NJ

Shop Rite- Byram, New Jersey

1 qt whole milk: $1.29
1 hd. lettuce: 1.49
6 pk. 12 oz. Bud: 5.35 (+ tax, no deposit)

Note. Milk was store brand conventional(plastic) other brands and organic were more. Lettuce was conventional (not organic).

Sep. 30 2007 11:43 PM
Susan from West Village

Milk: $1.69
Iceberg lettuce: $1.79
6 pk bud: $7.75

Bought at a Korean deli on Bleecker Street between Carmine and Leroy Streets

Yes, I was surprised that it wasn't more expensive.

Sep. 30 2007 10:34 PM
ina litera from Hell's Kitchen

Milk - $1.35
Beer - $6.99

couldn't find a price on the lettuce

Gristedee's Market in Eighth Avenue and 54th ST.

Sep. 30 2007 10:01 PM
Lisa from Associated 23rd between 1st and 2nd

Normally a price gouging paradise, I'm surprised the prices seem generally comparable....

Budweiser 5.99
Lettuce 2.2p
Milk 1.29

Sep. 30 2007 08:36 PM
Katie from flatbush, brooklyn

Pioneer Supermarket
(medium-sized market)
191-199 Parkside Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11232

quart of milk $1.19
iceberg letuce $1.19
6-pack Budweiser bottles $5.99

each item had a "sale" label

generally the prices in there seem good to me, but heard another customer complaining over the price of the condensed milk and that "it's really expensive in here."

Sep. 30 2007 08:13 PM
Carey from Spanish Harlem, Manhattan

Associated Supermarket
Lexington Ave at 103rd St.

Qt. Milk - $1.09
Head of Iceburg Lettuce - $1.39
Bud Beer - $5.99

Food seems less expensive here if you don't mind the off smell, lifting floor tiles, and latin hip hop music over the loudspeaker.

Sep. 30 2007 07:53 PM
Lenore from Upper West Side, NYC

Milk--$1.39 (versus $1.49 at Barzini, deli-grocery on Bway and 91st

lettuce--$1.99 (same price as Bway Farm at Broadway and 85th)


the place--Gristedes at 86th and Bway, supermarket

not surprised

Sep. 30 2007 07:22 PM
Corrina from Astoria

Icebrg Lettuce - 1.49
Milk - 1.20
6 pk Budweiser bottles - 5.39

Neighborhood - Astoria, 30th Ave & Newtown

Store - Key Food

Distinguishing characteristics - just a boring old grocery store

Surprised -not really but I never buy any of that stuff

Sep. 30 2007 07:14 PM
Kay from Marino Bros, small, very popular, supermarket, 163 St & 29 Ave, Flushing, NY

milk: $ 1.29
iceberg lettuce: $ 1.99
Budweiser 6-pack (bottles): $ 4.89

I was surprised at the price of iceberg lettuce.

Sep. 30 2007 06:34 PM
Kay from small, very popular, supermarket, 163 St & 29 Ave, Flushing, NY

milk: $ 1.29
iceberg lettuce: $ 1.99
Budweiser 6-pack, bottles: $ 4.89

I was surprised at the price of lettuce

Sep. 30 2007 06:31 PM

DAgostino 666 Greenwich (West Village)

milk 1.69
beer 6.49
lettuce 2.29

Sep. 30 2007 05:54 PM
Jack W from Brooklyn, NY

2 Places,

Fairway in Redhook

Milk $1.09 for Farmland other brands were up to $1.89 for just regular, non organic whole milk

Iceburg $1.89

$4.49 for 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribon (didn't see any Bud

Lettuce seems expensive here

Seeley Market- Seeley and Prospect Park SW

Milk $1.69
Lettuce $1.99


(most small stores don't collect a deposit as they don't take returns)

Sep. 30 2007 05:53 PM
K Ferryman from Queens, NY

Key Food
60-16 Myrtle Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens
ICeberg Lettuce: $1.49
Qt whole milk: $1.39
Bud 6-pack: $5.59

Sep. 30 2007 04:22 PM
Sheree West from New York City

Store: Westside Market, 15th St @ 7th Ave, lower Chelsea/Upper West Village
Iceberg Lettuce - $1.99
Quart whole milk (non-organic) - $1.09
6-pk BUD Lite (12oz) - $8.99 (No reg BUD)
Surprised? No, I love this market becs it consistently has reasonable prices, great cheese, fish and produce. Compared to other markets in local neighborhood who do gouge, they DON'T.

Sep. 30 2007 04:05 PM
Randy from East Village

Lettuce- $0.00

Milk-- $0.00

Beer-- $0.00

If you steal your lettuce, milk and beer, then they're free!

Sep. 30 2007 03:06 PM
Morey from JFK Airport

Iceberg lettuce: $4.50

Milk: $7.00

Beer: $15.00 (six pack)

And yes, I live IN the airport.

But the weather reports are always accurate...

Sep. 30 2007 03:02 PM
Susan from St George, Staten Island

Western Beef Supermarket

Milk: $1.29/qt.

Iceberg: $0.99/head (this week's on sale)

Budweiser: $5.49/6 pack

Sep. 30 2007 02:45 PM
valerie wilson from bayville, ny 11709

milk $1.19
iceberg $1.19
Bud bottles $4.99

Bayville avenue, bayville NY 11709
IGA supermarket

not surprised, but I do not typically buy any of these 3 items.

Sep. 30 2007 02:15 PM
linda p wilson from laurelton, queens

milk $1.15

iceberg lettuce $1.69

budweiser beer 6 pack $5.69 +tax

Key Food supermarket at 225 Street and Merrick Blvd in Laurelton Queens

Sep. 30 2007 12:56 PM
Sunphat Yau from X-nyc-LA 4a bit

Milk: $1.59

Lettuce: $1.39

Budweiser: $6.49

Name: Ralph's

Characteristic: Supermarket chain

Location: Los Angeles CA 90245
Sepulveda & Mariposa Ave

Surprised: No

Sep. 30 2007 12:27 PM
Roberta from Staten Island, NY

Checked the prices at the Shoprite I use several times a week,

milk; 1.20
lettuce: 1.99
beer 13.99 for 18 12-oz bottles. They don't sell six-packs.

Sep. 30 2007 11:48 AM
Bill Koslosky, MD from Midwood, Brooklyn

Normally, I flinch at these GIGO, unscientific surveys, (or at the suggestion that beer, milk and iceberg lettuce are staples of anyone's diet), but wouldn't this exercise be useful if it involved health care?

With the advent of pt-centered health care, we all might be interested in the JetBlue of appendectomies, or the Sam's Club of birthing.

Sep. 30 2007 09:48 AM
Jane of Brooklyn from Kensington, Brooklyn

qt. reg. milk, 6 bottles Bud; iceburg lettuce

Shoprite (Ave's I and McDonald):
1.20 5.49 1.49

Fairway (Redhook):
1.09 5.49 1.89

C-Town (Argyle Road and Church Ave):
1.69 5.49 1.29 (small)

Sep. 30 2007 09:46 AM
Barney Lehrer from Kensington, Brooklyn

Golden Farm (Korean grocery)
Church Ave & E 4th St

Kensington, Brooklyn

Milk: $ 1.39

iceberg: $ 1.29

beer: $ 5.70

Sep. 30 2007 08:18 AM
M from NYC

Fresh Direct--delivery service
Farmland whole milk--one quart: $1.19
iceberg lettuce: $1.99
six-pack Budweiser: $6.49

Delivers to many locations in NYC.

Prices tend to be on a par with Fairway, plus delivery charge and complication of ordering in advance, ordering enough to justify delivery charge.

By the way, is "Korean deli" an acceptable term for Korean listeners, or is it offensive? Would you say "Jewish deli" for a store owned by Jews that didn't sell particularly Jewish food? I realize Korean-owned delis are a fixture in NY but still cringed a little when Brian used the term on the air.

What do other listeners think?

Sep. 30 2007 12:56 AM
Florernce Dupiot

1/4 milk= $1.20
Iceberg Lettuce= $1.59
6 Pack Budweiser= $5.49
Dear Brian
I collect this information in the Key Food
Corner of Main Street and Union Turnpike in Queens. 79-15 Main Street NY 11367
I listen to your show every day at work and it is my way of learn so much thing about US and NY.
Thank you Brian for all the work. Have a nice day!
Sincerely Florence

Sep. 29 2007 10:04 PM
Kenichi Sugihara from Belleville, NJ

In NJ, only liquor stores and bars can sell beer. Our local Pathmark has a liquor store on the premises (as do many supermarkets):

Iceberg lettuce- 1.99
Quart PM whole milk- 1.49
6 pack Bud bottles- 5.49

Sep. 29 2007 09:58 PM
Deb from Manhattan

-a quart of regular, non-organic whole milk $1.79
-a head of iceberg lettuce - $1.99
-a 6-pack of 12-ounce Budweiser (bottles) - $7.74

Upper West Side: Broadway & 85th Street
Broadway Farm
not surprising

Sep. 29 2007 08:19 PM
Solomon Mowshowitz from 801 West End Avenue #9E New York NY 10025

262 West 96th Street (just west of Broadway)

Milk: $1.39
Iceberg Lettuce: $1.99
Budweiser 6-pack: $6.99

Sep. 29 2007 08:19 PM
Patricia from Jackson Heights

Milk $1.99

Lettuce .99

Bud 5.99

Trade Fair
37th Ave. between 75th and 76th Sts.

Sep. 29 2007 05:44 PM
Patricia from Jackson Heights

Milk $1.09

Lettuce 1.49

Bud 5.49

Met Foods
37th Ave. at 77th St.

See my entry below for store 1 block away

Sep. 29 2007 05:43 PM
Harriet Rosenfeld from West 24 St.

Gristede's, 26th St. between 8th and 9th Aves.

milk - $1.39

beer - 6.99

lettuce (iceberg) 1.99/lb

Sep. 29 2007 05:20 PM
Harriet Rosenfeld from Gristede's, West 26 St, bet. 8th and 9th aves

Milk -$1.39

Iceberg lettuce - $1.99/pound

6-pack of Bud - 6.99

Sep. 29 2007 05:16 PM
Charles Hubka from Newton, NJ

Iceberg Lettuce- $1.99
Qt. milk (non-organic)-$1.39
Shop-Rite, Newton, NJ

Like many others, I was very surprised at the
high price of lettuce, and reatively low price of milk, given all I've heard of soaring milk
I was surprised that milk is $.30 more/qt at another Shop-rite in NJ

Sep. 29 2007 04:13 PM
Martin from Brooklyn Heights

Milk: 1.39
Lettuce: 1.99
Budweiser: 6.99
Brooklyn: Clark St. and Henry
Gristede #544
Very surprised at recent jump in price of milk.

Sep. 29 2007 04:04 PM
Peter Nichol from Brookhaven, Suffolk

Waldbaums, Patchogue
Supermarket chain
Bud 6 pack $5.49
milk $1.25
iceberg lettuce $1.99

I don't really watch prices so have no idea what a good price is. I'm just asking to be 'gouged' I suppose.

Sep. 29 2007 03:25 PM
christine from central harlem

Fine Fare Grocery
116th and Lenox

lettuce - $0.99

Beer - $6.99

Milk - no sticker price = Expensive

Not surprising -- Some items in Harlem are always way too expensive, and some are very cheap. Always an amazing disparity!

Sep. 29 2007 02:39 PM
Michael from Ridgewood, Queens

Milk: $1.29
Iceberg Lettuce: $1.49
Six-pack of Bud cans (no bottles): $6.69

At the Price Choice on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood, Queens.

Sep. 29 2007 12:20 PM
Roger Rhodes from Cold Spring, NY

Iceberg Lettuce $1.79/head
Qt whole milk $1.20
6-pack Bud cans (no bottles available) $5.99
Foodtown - chain grocery store

To me the lettuce was high, the milk probably ok, and the beer is overpriced at any price.

Sep. 29 2007 11:20 AM
Jill DiMassimo from Rye, NY

Milk: 1.29

Lettuce 1.79

Bud 6 pack: 6.49

Stop and Shop, Port Chester, NY

Big, suburban grocery store

Surprised that the milk was not more expensive. I always buy organic, so I'm used to paying $4.00 for a half gallon.

Sep. 29 2007 10:51 AM
Bob from Suffern New York

Shoprite at 250 Route 59 Suffern NY.

Beer $5.29---Qt. milk (Shoprite brand)$1.15 Iceberg lettuce $1.49.
What a great idea. Can you imagine the fear the gougers are experiencing? Please expand this effort. A great consumer plus.

Sep. 29 2007 09:16 AM
Anders Jakobsen from Copenhagen, Denmark

Milk: $ 1 (5 danish kroner)
Iceberg: $ 1.6 (8 danish kroner)
Beer (Carlsberg, not Budweiser): $ 6 (30 danish kroner)

Surprised, yes. I thought the low dollar, 25% VAT and the general higher cost of living here would make the goods much more expensive than NYC.

Sep. 29 2007 08:53 AM
Elizabeth from Washington Heights

The store was Associated at 187 & Fort Washington. Milk was $1.29, Bud beer $5.99 and iceberg lettuce 3.00

Sep. 29 2007 07:52 AM
el from UES

milk $1.29
lettuce $1.99
beer $5.99
Associated-chain supermarket-81st and 1st

NOTE see comments 201 and 202 for comparison and discrepencies in these prices in same chain supermarket-- Associated (two in Manhattan, one in Bklyn)

Sep. 29 2007 07:05 AM
el from UES

milk $1.29

Sep. 29 2007 07:00 AM
TA from carroll gardens brooklyn

quart of milk- 1.25
iceberg lettuce- 1.49
6 pack of bud- 5.99

supermarket-court street and 2nd place

Sep. 29 2007 02:24 AM
naomi from West Harlem


Milk - $1.20
Lettuce - $1.99
Beer - $5.69

I was surprised that these prices were lower than some of the other entries considering similar research compiled in Oakland, CA where groceries were higher in (I forget - either West or East - both low-income communities) Oakland than in Rockridge,CA (a high-income community also in the East Bay). I'll try to check out other stories in my neighborhood.

Sep. 29 2007 12:11 AM
Loui Terrier from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Jose's Bodega on Franklin ST. between Eagle and Dupont. Greenpoint ... the oily cream at the head of Brooklyn.

1/2 Gallon Milk: $2.39

Lettuce: $1.39

6 pack Bud: $6.00

"Coldest beer in the hood"!

He definitely moves a lot of beer!

If you want just one premium bottle
of Bud, it will cost you an extra
25 cents: $1.25. So get the six, save a buck fifty, and now you have no excuse not
to grab that iceberg! It's like Jose is
giving you 11 cents. Can't beat that with

Sep. 28 2007 09:57 PM
Carol Carson from Sunset Park, Brooklyn

1 qt. whole milk $1.19 1 head of iceberg lettuce $1.49 1 6 pack of "Bud",12 oz bottles, before tax and deposit $5.49 Key Food, moderate size supermarket,5th Ave between 43 and 44 St in Sunset Park. No surprises except differences in prices at other Key Foods, and from info of other supermarket stores in comments from same neighborhood being more expensive.

Sep. 28 2007 09:30 PM
Barbara Lifton from Manhattan

Food Emporium-East 14th Street and Union Square East.
Quart Whole Milk: $1.69

Iceberg Lettuce: $3.49 a head.

6-pack of Budweiser Beer: $6.49.

The Gramercy neighborhood is VERY expensive!

PS: Healthier red leaf or green leaf lettuce is only about $2.50 a head!

Sep. 28 2007 08:46 PM
Donald Henry from Homestead, Florida (Near Key Largo)

Milk: $1.69
Lettuce: $1.69
Bud Beer: 5:69

Name: Publix Supermarket (Think A&P or Dags)
Location: Major intersection U.S.1 & 8th Street, Homestead, Fl

Characteristic: Major supermarket chain

Surprised: No

Sep. 28 2007 08:03 PM
douglas from Manhattan-Washington Heights

Gristedes on B'way 170th

milk = 1.39

lettuce = 1.99

Bud = 6.49

I was surprised that the lettuce was more expensive than the milk.

Sep. 28 2007 06:58 PM
Bob from Suffern New York

Shoprite is the store; Located at 250 Rt 59 In Suffern NY. The beer=$5.29. the Lettuce $1.49. The milk= Shoprite brand,$1.15. Can you imagine the fear that the gougers are experiencing regarding this effort? GREAT.

Sep. 28 2007 06:52 PM
David Kane from Coney Island, Brooklyn

Items priced at Key Food, off of West 5th street, on Neptune avenue.

Qt. whole milk -- $1.20

Iceberg lettuce -- $1.49

6-pack of 12 oz. Budweiser
(regular, not lite) bottles -- $5.99

Total basket = $8.68

Sep. 28 2007 06:41 PM
Bob from Suffern New York

The beer was $5.29--The milk (Shoprite brand) $1.15 the lettuce $1.49. What a great way to put pressure on the gougers. The store was Shoprite located at 250 Route 59 in Suffern New York.

Sep. 28 2007 06:30 PM
christine from central harlem

Fine Fare 116th St and Lenox
Grocery Store

Lettuce $0.99

Beer $6.99

Milk no printed price -- which in this grocery store ALWAYS means it's expensive.

In this neighborhood, some things are shockingly more expensive than in wealthier neighborhoods, and some things are much cheaper. The disparity is always marked and amazing.

Sep. 28 2007 06:15 PM
Sarah from Brooklyn

Milk: $1.20
Lettuce: $1.69
Beer: $5.29

Location: Key Food on 7th Ave. and Carroll St., Park Slope, Brooklyn

Hmm, looks like I'm getting a better deal than a lot of posters. That surprises me.

Sep. 28 2007 05:44 PM
Dimitra Kessenides from NYC, NY

$1.65 -a quart of regular, non-organic whole milk
$1.99 -a head of iceberg lettuce
$8.00-a 6-pack of 12-ounce Budweiser (bottles)
These prices were from items at Tudor Farms, a 24-hour deli (not sure if Korean or Chinese) located in Tudor City, at the corner of 43rd Street and Tudor City Place. Not surprised by the prices, but that doesn't mean I don't think they're high.

Sep. 28 2007 05:43 PM
Ingrid from Upper West Side

milk: 1.39
lettuce: no iceberg lettuce for 2 days. other lettuce 1.99
bud 6-pak bottles: 6.99
Location: 530 Amsterdam AVe (85-86)
Characteristic: Asian owned neighborhood supermarket
Surprised: no

Sep. 28 2007 04:59 PM
Ann from Scarsdale, N.Y.

C-Town in Scarsdale, N.Y.

Qt. Milk: $1.27

Head of Iceberg Lettuce: $1.99

6 pk. of Budweiser 12 oz. bottles: $5.99

Looking @ the previous prices, these seem
in line!

Sep. 28 2007 04:36 PM
chris from hackensack, nj

whole milk (quart): 1.29 (Pathmark)

iceberg lettuce: 1.99 (Pathmark)

6pk Budweiser 12oz bottles: 4.49 (Total Wine and Liquors)

Pathmark does not sell beer or liquor. Total Wine... is where I buy all alcohol.

Somewhat surprised today at the price of iceberg lettuce which I don't usually buy and by the high cost of beer at other locations listed in the comments.

Sep. 28 2007 04:31 PM
Ann from Scarsdale, N.Y.

Milk: $1.27

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $5.99

Sep. 28 2007 04:30 PM
Ann from Scarsdale, N.Y.

I am submitting my entries for the food requested from c town supermarket:
Milk 1.27
Lettuce: 1.99
6 pk bud beer: 5.99

Sep. 28 2007 04:29 PM
Ann from Scarsdale, N.Y.

1 qt. milk 1.27
1 head Iceberg lettuce 1.99
6 pk Budweiser beer 5.99

Sep. 28 2007 04:27 PM
azureone from UWS

Green Farm at 85 & Bway

Milk - $2.19 ($3.39 - 1/2 gallon)

Iceberg - $1.99 - not confirmed had to ask

Budweiser - $9.50

Everything here seemed expensive to me. I live in Brooklyn but was in the UWS and decided to scout while there.

Looking forward to seeing the results.

Sep. 28 2007 03:53 PM
Cynthia from Chicago / Jewel grocery store / (just moved here from NYC)

Iceberg lettuce: $1.49

Beer: $5.29

1 qt milk (hard to find in this size): $1.99

Surprised: not really -- I had thought grocery prices would be similar to New York

Sep. 28 2007 03:21 PM
Malachi McCormick from Stapleton Heights, Staten Island 10304

Milk (Quart, regular)...........$1.19
Iceberg lettuce (Cello).........$1.89
Beer (Budwr, 12 0z., 6-pack)....$5.49

Brian: This gouge/no gouge survey is a great idea; very interested to hear the results; look forward to more surveys*. You should discuss the idea/the concept/the audience as resource, in a segment. That would be very interesting.
*I do my own ongoing survey of two SI facing gas stations (as I ride by on my bike.)

Sep. 28 2007 01:28 PM
mary from Williamsburg-Graham Ave

Milk $1.29
Lettuce $1.99
Beer $7.00

And that's at the cheap deli on the corner of Metropolitan and Humboldt.

Sep. 28 2007 01:16 PM
Roberta from Staten Island, NY

Price gouging survey
Whole milk: $1.20/quart America's Choice brand
Iceberg lettuce: $1.99/head
6-pack l20z bottles Bud Lite: $5.49

Food Emporium on Riverdale Ave at about 258th St. in the Bronx; smallish neighborhood supermarket frequented by the large number of elderly Jewish population residing there. In a strip mall that includes several kosher stores selling the same products.

No surprises; the lettuce is expensive all over.

Sep. 28 2007 12:59 PM
Ian from Hillsdale/Park Ridge NJ

ShopRite (supermarket)
372 Broadway, Hillsdale NJ
Milk: 1.19; Lettuce: 1.49; Beer: 4.99 (surprising)

A&P (supermarket, grand reopening)
199 Kinderkamack Rd., Park Ridge NJ
Milk: 1.29; Lettuce: 1.69; Beer: not available

Sep. 28 2007 12:39 PM
Arthur Aptowitz from Forest Hills-Key Food-Queens Blvd and 108th Street

Milk: $1.49
Lettuce: $1.99
Beer: $5.99
If you want the least expensive food in the city, move to Staten Island or take your car to a large supermarket there!

Sep. 28 2007 12:37 PM

at the tribeca food emporium, greenwich st. and duane st.:




Sep. 28 2007 11:50 AM
Thomas from East Williamsburg

Milk: $2.99 (only organic available)

Romain lettuce: $1.99

6 Pk Bud :$6.99

Brooklyn Natural Foodstore on Morgan Ave. Only shop in the neighborhood, they need some competition to keep them honest.....

Sep. 28 2007 11:47 AM
Bill F. from Washington Township NJ

A&P, Pascack Road Washington Township

Milk $1.19 paper carton, store brand

Iceberg Lettuce $1.99

Budweiser, They don't sell beer.

Price of lettuce is high.

Sep. 28 2007 11:46 AM
edith from Sunset Park, Bklyn

September 28, 2007
Sunset Park
qt. milk $1.20
beer $5.59
lettuce $1.50

8th Ave between 45th & 46th Street
Sunset Park, Brooklen
Supermarket chain
(Some milk postings above are prbably for gal. or 1/2 gal.)

Sep. 28 2007 11:33 AM
el from UES

milk $1.16
lettuce $1.79
beer $5.99

Associated-chain supermarket- 96th and Lex

not suprised

Sep. 28 2007 11:31 AM
Audrey from Prospect Lefferts, Brooklyn

Associated Supermarket, 650 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Qt milk $1.09
Head Iceberg lettuce $1.49
6 pk Budweiser $6.99

No surprises

Sep. 28 2007 11:30 AM
Richard Brof from Henry Street Brooklyn Heights

Gristides- Always higher than rival Key Food.

Iceberg Let. 1.99
6PACK -6.99+ Deposit

Sep. 28 2007 11:19 AM
Elizabeth from King Kullen, Rockville Centre, Long Island

lettuce - $1.50
qt. milk - $1.30
6 pack of Bud - bottles - $5.49

Sep. 28 2007 11:05 AM
e from UES

milk $1.16
lettuce $1.79
beer $5.99

Associated-chain supermarket-96th and Lex

not surprised

Sep. 28 2007 11:04 AM
Doug from West Village

Gristede's - Hudson and Bank Streets

Milk: $1.49
Lettuce: $1.99
Beer: $7.99

D'Agostinos - Greenwich and Bethune Streets

Milk: $1.59
Lettuce: $2.29
Beer: $6.49

I was surprised beer was cheapr at D'ags, historically an expensive family-owned chain.

Sep. 28 2007 11:01 AM
Cora Lindberg from East Village, Ave C-D

Milk: $ 1.09

Bud: $ 6.49

Lettuce: $ 1.99

Associates Supermarket, Ave C bet 7-8 St.

Sep. 28 2007 10:57 AM
Rachel from Passaic County, NJ

Food Basics
Lincoln Ave. Hawthorne, NJ

Milk: $1.16

Iceberg: $0.98

Beer: $5.48

Sep. 28 2007 10:54 AM
jwalsh from 94th street, between CPW and Columbus

Food City, 94th and Columbus Avenue
1Qt. milk 2.49
1 head iceberg lettuce, 1.99
6 Pack of Budweiser, 120z bottles, 5.69

Sep. 28 2007 10:52 AM
Joanna from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Foodtown, Restoration Plaza (Fulton St & Marcy)

milk = $1.20

iceberg lettuce = $1.99

beer = $6.49

seems about standard. I need to check the Met Food up the block at Lafayette & Garvey.

Sep. 28 2007 10:51 AM
Bern from Murray Hill

Gristedes at 32nd & Third Avenue

Milk $1.39
Lettuce $1.99
Bud $6.99

Not surprised by prices since this neighborhood is full of young people who do not do serious food shopping or care about prices and the stores count on that.

Sep. 28 2007 10:49 AM
Gr etchen Nearon Gonzalez 2nd entry from Crown Heights Brooklyn New York 11213

This is my second entry ( see #15)

Pathmark Gowanus #642
1-37 12th Street
Brooklyn New York 11216

Milk ...whole ...qt. 299
Iceberg Lettuce 1.99
Bud Beer $5.69

I was shocked at the price of whole milk... considering that this is a chain store that buys in bulk...all their prices were high...I don't think I will shop there any more

Sep. 28 2007 10:43 AM
nickbasile from westbury, ny

Village Market, Malverne, NY


Pathmark, Garden City Park, NY


looks like there's a lettuce sale going on out here.

Sep. 28 2007 10:39 AM
Shannon from Upper West Side

(Site omitted in last post)

Quart whole milk (Tuscan Brand): 1.59

Head Iceberg lettuce (Foxy Brand, just over 1 pound): 2.29

6 Pack 12 oz bottles bud: 6.49

D'Agostino 91st & Columbus

Sep. 28 2007 10:37 AM
Erin Carney from 60th Street & 7th Ave, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Milk: $1.20
Head of Iceberg: $1.49
Bud: $5.49

Store Name: Scaturro's
Location: 64th Street & 11th Avenue (Borough Park)

Sep. 28 2007 10:35 AM
Shannon from Upper West Side

Quart whole milk (Tuscan Brand): 1.59

Head Iceberg lettuce (Foxy Brand, just over 1 pound): 2.29

6 Pack 12 oz bottles bud: 6.49

Sep. 28 2007 10:34 AM
nickbasile from westbury, ny

Village Market, Malverne, NY


Pathmark, Garden City Park, NY


looks like there's a lettuce sale going on out here.

Sep. 28 2007 10:30 AM
paul from williamsburg brooklyn

Milk 1.39
Iceburg 1.39
Bud 5.99

Tops on the waterfront N6th and Whythe

Let's see what happens when all the new highrises fill up with consumers

Sep. 28 2007 10:23 AM
H from New Jersey

Brookdale ShopRite - Broad Street and Bellevue Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey. Upper middle class neighborhood, serves Montclair

Milk: $1.39

Lettuce $1.99 each

Beer: 5.49

Sep. 28 2007 10:14 AM
stu from upper west side

Westside Market - Broadway between 76th & 77th (open 24 hrs)

Milk: 1.09
Lettuce: 1.69
Beer: each bottle of Bud was marked 1.29 (1.29 x 6 = 7.74), yet the cashier told me a six pack was 7.99 plus deposit and tax. One would think that buying in larger quantities would be less expensve. For example, the price of milk was 1.99 for a half gallon. The price of a half gallon of milk has risen probably 75 cents since the beginning of the year. We've been told that the government controls the price of milk. The cost of gasoline at the retail level has risen this year, and has also fell sharply, but the cost of milk remains high (and is higher in NJ). Why?

Sep. 28 2007 09:55 AM
C.R. Winesette from East Flatbush, Brooklyn

Iceberg lettuce: $1.29/head
Nonorganic whole milk: $1.29/qt.
Budweiser 12oz. bottles: $5.99/6pk.

Met Foods -- mid-size supermarket
E 35 St. (Snyder St./Tilden Av.)

Sep. 28 2007 09:34 AM
Claire from Upper East Side

Fresh Direct

Qt. milk: 1.19
Iceberg: 1.99
Bud 6-pack 6.49

of course, you don't have to tote it home, but you have to tip AND pay delivery, so maybe this doesn't count

Sep. 28 2007 08:43 AM
Marian Appellof from Manhattan (Chelsea)

Gristedes on 9th Ave. between 24th & 23rd Streets:
This is the grocery store closest to where I live. Prices for these items are as follows:
--1 quart milk: $1.49
--1 head iceberg lettuce: $1.99
--1 6-pack bottled Budweiser: $6.99

Gristedes at 8th Ave. & 26th Street:
Prices for Bud & iceberg were same as above, but a quart of milk goes for ten cents less: $1.39.

In both locations the lettuce looked pretty disgusting. AND I should have, but didn't, check the outdates on the milk cartons at either store; we all should do that, so please mention this to other listeners.

Usually I buy milk by the half gallon; the cheapest deal for that near where I live is at, believe it or not, Whole Foods ($1.99).

I look forward to hearing the results of this survey.

Sep. 28 2007 04:14 AM
Doris Woolfe from Greenwich Village

Gristede's at Sheridan Sq. and W. 4th
neighborhood supermarket

milk $1.39
lettuce $l.99
beer $11.99 for 12 -pack (no six-packs)

Slightly cheaper than Dag's (see yesterday) but about average for this neighborhood.
No surprise - but the cost of orange juice has jumped 50 cents to $1 on gallons! Another staple. Why the sudden rise in milk?

Sep. 28 2007 01:19 AM
Doris Woolfe from Greenwich Village

Gristede's, Sheridan Square at West 4th
neighborhood supermarket
lettuce 1.99
milk 1.39
beer 11.99 (12 pack- no 6 pack)

Better than D'Ags but still high for the season- I do better on produce at the sidewalk vendor on W. 4th St.

Sep. 28 2007 01:09 AM
Gina from deli midtown east 3rd Ave between 42-57th

For Reference:
These are the WHOLESALE prices that the business owners pay:

Milk: $1.08...the store charges $1.99
Lettuce: person did not know
Bud: approx $3.25-$3.50...the store charges $10.00

Midtown east is a very expensive neighborhood. Most stores need to double the wholesale price to make a living, which is what this store does. Rent, taxes, utilities, goods lost to spoilage, salaries, insurance, garbage hauling fees, maintenance on store, and so on need to come out of the the other half of what the store charges so how can we define what is gouging? Cost of goods is only one portion of the final cost of the product. To intimate to people that they may be getting "gouged" is unfair for the owners, who risk their capital and spend their time nurturing these businesses and who are obviously providing what the market demands. It would have been less inflammatory if you had not used the word "gouged" but rather said it was research into the real cost of goods and to see where the money was going, and after the research came out the notion of gouging could be reviewed. It is irresponsible of you to lead these customers into thinking that they are being "gouged" (as some of these posts show) before they have all the information (which I'm sure you will discuss in your show but haven't yet).

Sep. 27 2007 11:12 PM
bill youmans from 85th st

Met Food, 86th and Amsterdam 10024:

Milk: 1.39

Bud: 5.99

'berg: 1.99

Sep. 27 2007 10:03 PM
Stew from Forest Hills

Key Food

Yellowstone Blvd between Queens Blvd & Gerard Pl.

Milk: $1.29

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $5.59 for Bud Lite 6-pack
$9.99 for Bud regular 12-pack

Surprised at cost of lettuce -- everything else is usually less expensive than in Manhattan.

Sep. 27 2007 09:52 PM
Stew from Greenwich Village


Sheridan Square (W.4th St between Barrow and Grove)

Milk: $1.39

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $6.99

No surprises.

Sep. 27 2007 09:45 PM
debbie from Queens

Fairway B'way and 74th
iceberg $1.89 nice big head
milk $1.09 qt
Bud (why???) $5.79

Sep. 27 2007 09:08 PM
Bill F. from Hillsdale NJ

This is my second store my other one is Shoprite in Hillsdale. It's number 104 on the list. This is Kings Supermarket also in Hillsdale, NJ. The prices are:

Quart of whole milk. $1.19 or $1.24 depending on the brand. They are both in paper cartons, not plastic bottles.

Iceburg Lettuce $1.19.

They don't sell beer.

In New Jersey a supermarket can get a license to sell beer, wine and liquor if they have a separate entrance and exit from the store even though they can have a door that leads into the main store from the inside of the buildings. It's kind of stupid really. So what else is new.

I'm surprised at the different prices in the same chain stores. I suspect it's a combination of local competition and the economic level of the neighborhood or town.

Sep. 27 2007 07:55 PM
Mary from Roosevelt Island

I shop at Gristedes (the only supermarket on the island).


quart of nonorganic milk @1.39
head of iceberg lettuce $1.99
6-pack of 12oz Budweiser $6.99

Sep. 27 2007 06:51 PM
Elizabeth from King Kullen, Rockville Centre, Long Island

iceberg lettuce - $1.50
quart of milk - $1.30
6 pack Bud - bottles - $5.49

Sep. 27 2007 06:45 PM
A proud and lifelong Washington Heights-er from WASHINGTON rpt WASHINGTON (and not Hudson) Heights

Sorry to intrude with this comment but after reviewing the preliminary results and seeing my neighborhood listed as "Hudson Heights" several times, I feel I must. My beloved Washington Heights has been riven in 2 by some real estate brokers looking ro rent more apartments at higher prices up in the north, seeking to tar the southern part of the nabe to be some den of thieves. Which its not. It's just as nice, with some ethnic flavor and no yuppie bars and shops. Yet. So George Washington, si! Hendrik Hudson, no!

Sep. 27 2007 06:45 PM
Elizabeth from King Kullen, Rockville Centre, Long Island

iceberg lettuce - $1.50
quart of milk - $1.30
6 oack of bud - bottles - $5.49

Sep. 27 2007 06:42 PM
fran from brooklyn ny 11231

12 pack 12 oz bottles - $10.99 Couldn't find 6 pack
head of iceberg lettuce $1.69
quart tegular milk $1.09

Sep. 27 2007 06:11 PM
Chris from Plainfield, NJ

I haven't done the investigation yet, but I wanted to mention that some grocery stores in NJ DO sell beer (example: A&P in Fanwood; Trader Joe's in Westfield). I assume they need a special liquor license, but they do exist in NJ.

Sep. 27 2007 05:37 PM
Bob from Midtown

-Quart of Milk:$1.59
-Head of iceberg lettuce: $1.99
-6-pack of 12-ounce Budweiser (bottles): $11.94

1366 6TH AVE. @55TH ST., New York, NY 10019


Sep. 27 2007 05:14 PM
Helen from Upper East Side

Iceberg Lettuce 2.99
Six Pack of Bud 12 oz bottles 6.49
Qt of regular milk 1.59

These were the prices at a large chain supermarket on Third Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Sts

Sep. 27 2007 04:44 PM
edith from Sunset Park, Bklyn

September 27, 2007
Sunset Park, Bklyn

Iceberg lettuce: $1.49
1 qt. Milk $1.19
6-pack Bud beer $5.49

Key Food, 5th Ave&44 St. Bklyn
Type: Supermarket chain

Sep. 27 2007 04:25 PM
Mary from Midwood Brooklyn

ShopRite @ Avenue I and MacDonald, Brooklyn 11230

Milk $1.19

Iceberg $1.49

Bud six pack $5.49

The lettuce seems high, but then we don't buy iceberg

Sep. 27 2007 04:19 PM

Milk: $1.23

Lettuce: $1.69

Beer: $5.99

Key Food Supermarket

105th St. & Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Rockaway Park, Queens 11694

Sep. 27 2007 04:09 PM
Roberta Sandenbergh from Associated 57th St betw 7th Ave & Bwy

lettuce 2.29
milk 1.29
Buddweiser 6.79

Sep. 27 2007 03:58 PM
Roberta Sandenbergh from 57th St betw 7th Ave & Bwy

Associated Supermarket

iceburg lettuce 2.29
quart milk 1.29
Buddweiser 6.79

Sep. 27 2007 03:54 PM
Lauren from Upper West Side

Small, Korean market named Hans on the NW corner of Broadway and 93rd.

Qt of whole, non-organic milk: $1.49
Head of iceberg lettuce: $1.79
6 pack of Bud in bottles: $7.99

I was curious to compare prices here to those at Food Emporium (90th & Bdwy) where I also shop. Not surprised the beer was more expensive at the small market. I was pleasantly surprised to see the cost of produce cheaper here (and it's much nicer looking as well).

Sep. 27 2007 03:49 PM
Lauren from Upper West Side

Food Emporium on Broadway at 90th street:

Qt whole, non-organic Milk: $1.39
Iceberg Lettuce: $2.49
6-pack Bud in bottles: $6.49

I was very surprised at the cost of a head of iceberg lettuce! I never buy it, but I would have predicted it was cheaper than romaine or another type.

Sep. 27 2007 03:35 PM
Gabby from Manhattan

Mike (non organic whole): $1.59

Budweiser (6 pack, bottle): $6.64

Lettuce: $2.29

Store: D'agostino's

Location: 17th St between 7th and 8th Ave, Manhattan

Reaction: Furious about the price of milk, which was just recently increased. Refuse to shop there even when desperately need milk for coffee and the store is right across the street.

Sep. 27 2007 02:53 PM
Alison Salzinger from nyc

milk: $1.20
lettuce: $2.49
beer:$6.49 I don't think bottle dep. is included.
Food Emporium, 68th and Broadway. I already know this place is a total rip.

Sep. 27 2007 02:40 PM
Meg from Westchester County

A & P 575 Boston Post Rd.
Port Chester, NY

Milk - $1.20
Lettuce - $1.99
Beer - $5.49

Sep. 27 2007 02:15 PM
Barry from Upper West Side

Fairway - Broadway@74th street (Manhattan)
Discount green-grocer/gourmet supermarket on steroids

Milk: 1.09
Lettuce 1.89
Beer: 5.79

Prices lower than Food Emporium ... I was not surprised.

NB This is my second entry in my neighborhood ... the previous being Food Emporium .... a standard chain supermarket. We shop both places.

Sep. 27 2007 01:24 PM
Karen from BONY (lower manhattan)

I typically shop at three places, Zeytuna, Jubilee and Whole Foods, each for different items; I priced two:

corner of John and William Streets, Manhattan
private "gourmet" grocer

qt whole milk: $1.29
iceberg: $1.99
Bud: (not unexpectedly) no 6-pack bottles of Bud

Only surprised they had iceberg lettuce; do people actually eat that stuff or are they feeding it to their pet turtles and lizards?
Their 22-24oz Belgians trend cheaper than Whole Foods (but latter has better variety, at least in Chelsea).

a block east at corner of John and Gold, Manhattan
private grocer

qt whole milk: $1.19
iceberg: $1.99
Bud 6-pack bottles: $8.00

$8 for Bud??

Sep. 27 2007 01:16 PM
Jon A from LES

1 Qt Whole Milk: $1.19
Head of Iceberg Lettuce: $1.49
6 Pack Budweiser Bottles: $4.99

Fine Fare Supermarket
545 Grand Street
NY, NY 10002

This is a smallish supermarket at the far end of Grand Street near FDR serving the local coops and projects.

There is a slightly more upscale Fine Fare on Clinton street near Grand a few blocks away.

I was surprised and thought these prices would be higher.

Sep. 27 2007 12:55 PM
Carl from Teaneck, NJ

Milk $1.59

Lettuce $1.49

Beer - My supermarket doesn't sell beer, so the next closest thing was O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer. A six-pack of Amber in bottles costs $4.99

Location: American Legion Drive, Teaneck, NJ

Name of Store: Stop and Shop

Type of Store: Chain grocery store

Surprised: Not really, more surprised that they didn't sell beer, because I have seen it in other supermarkets in NJ.

Sep. 27 2007 12:39 PM
Dean Koester

Milk - $1.29 / quart
Lettuce - $1.99 / head of iceberg
Beer - $5.99 / 6 pack Bud bottles

Massapequa Park / Clark Blvd & Park Blvd
IGA Supermarket

Sep. 27 2007 12:32 PM
Doris Woolfe from Greenwich Village

D'Agostino's, 666 Greenwich St, nearest supermarket to several mew expensive developments and one middle-income (West Village Houses)

lettuce: $2.29
beer: $6.49

Surprised? No. This is why I seldom shop here, only when they have sales.
I bike to farther markets since price of milk went up, even CVS, National Wholesale Dist.(Bway/Bleecker) has cheaper milk. Produce too (Western Beef) and don't buy beer. Thanks for saving me research time!

Sep. 27 2007 12:17 PM
Yosif from 66th and 1st AVE

Gristedes on 1st ave btw 66th and 67

milk - 1.39
lettuce 1.99
bud 6.99

Sep. 27 2007 11:58 AM
Helena from New Jersey

Brookdale ShopRite Broad Street and Bellevue Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Upper middle class neighborhood, serves Montclair

Milk: 1.39
Iceberg Lettuce 1.99
Beer: 5.49

Sep. 27 2007 11:50 AM
Andrew from upper westside

Another item to look at would be Dannon Yogurt.
The 6 oz. Light & Fit brand has been priced from $ 1.50 at Lenny's on 74th St. & Columbus Ave. to $0.69 at Barzini's on Broadway & 90th St. At the corner bodegas, on the streets in between, I have seen prices range from $1.00 to $1.25

Sep. 27 2007 11:48 AM
Ximena from LES

Essex street market (Delancey and Essex)
Bautista Mini Market

Milk $1.49
Lettuce $.99 / $1.29
Beer $5

I love this market!

Sep. 27 2007 11:33 AM
ruth kavesh from Lexington, beetw. 84th and 83rd.

Milk: $1.59
iceberg lettuce: $2.49
6 pack of Bud: $6.49

This is D'Agostino's and I think their prices are VERY high. They take advantagee of being neighborhood stores!

Sep. 27 2007 11:28 AM
MOdtra from BIllyburg

Your unstated assumptions ignore extrodiarily important factors in retail pricing for small business.
Small businesses do not have fixed predictable costs. Costs such as; labor, cost of goods, rent, department of labor experience rating for unemployment insurance, utilities, waste removal, insurance and professional services as well as rate of turn on inventory all vary greatly from business to business and determine rate of mark up on wholesale cost. Hence retail pricing to consumers varies greatly.

Sep. 27 2007 11:22 AM
Linda from Washington Heights

Franks Gourmet Market
807 W. 187th St.

Milk: $1.39

Ice Berg Lettuce: Did not have

Budweiser: $6.99

Sep. 27 2007 11:20 AM
Linda from Washington Heights

Associated Food Market
Ft. Washington Ave. at 187th St.

Milk: $1.29

Ice Berg Lettuce: $1.50

Budweiser: $5.99

This is a small, full service, supermarket.

Sep. 27 2007 11:16 AM
Linda from Washington Heights

Ahns Market
814 W. 187th St.

Milk: $1.50

Ice Berg Lettuce: $1.49

Budweiser (cans) $6.00

Sep. 27 2007 11:13 AM
Linda from Washington Heights

Jins Superette
804 W. 181st St.

Milk: $1.39

Ice Berg Lettuce: $1.99

Budweiser $6.00

Sep. 27 2007 11:07 AM
Linda from Washington Heights

Smile Deli
758 W. 181st St.

Milk: $1.39

Ice Berg Lettuce: $1.59

Budweiser: $6.50

Ice berg lettuce hard to find, not in the cooler with other kinds.

Sep. 27 2007 11:04 AM
Paul from NYC

Milk: $1.59

Lettuce: $2.29

Budweiser: $6.49

Name: Dagostino's

Location: 3rd Ave & E 38th St.

Characteristic: Typical city supermarket chain

Surprised: I always feel gouged, which is why I shop in NJ when I can

Sep. 27 2007 10:47 AM
Tony from Staten Island

Items at Pathmark, Staten Island - Port Richmond (Forest Ave)

Milk: $1.20 / Quart
Lettuce: $1.99 / Head
Beer: $5.79 / six-pack

Not surprised, although I never could get why something as flavorless as Iceberg Lettuce demands such a high price.

Sep. 27 2007 10:33 AM

Star Food Corp
151st & Frederick Douglass Blvd, Manhattan

Qt. Whole Milk: $1.89
Iceberg Head: $2.50
Bud 6-pack: $6.00

This is a middle-eastern-run bodega several blocks between a Pathmark and an Associated. I'm not surprised by these prices although prices on other items can widely vary.

Sep. 27 2007 08:32 AM
Harry from Brooklyn

Milk: $1.29

Lettuce: $0.99

Budweiser: $5.99

Location: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Associated Market, 367 Waverly Ave
(btwn Lafayette and Greene)

Typs: Small neighborhood supermarket. Staff and management are mostly Dominican and plesantly laid back.

Surprised? No. I shop here several times a week and know that they offer good prices on basics. They've recently started stocking some organic and luxury products, with prices higher than Whole Foods(!), to improve their profit margin at the expense of newcomers who can afford million-dollar townhouses. But the staples are always cheaper than in, say Brooklyn Heights.

Sep. 27 2007 04:16 AM
Deb from Upper West Side, Manhattan

1 quart Whole Milk $2.29
1 head of iceberg lettuce: $2.49
1 12 package of bottles - Budweiser: $8.99
Food Emporium 90th and Broadway
Wow - looking at previous posts, these seem to be the highest prices! I'm pretty shocked.

Sep. 27 2007 03:33 AM
Mike from Manhattan

1 qt milk - $1.20
large iceberg lettuce - $1.99
6 Budweiser bottles - $5.79 + tax + deposit

Inwood PathMark - 410 207th St, Manhattan

Sep. 27 2007 02:26 AM
Barry Appel from I live in Guttenberg, NJ but shop a lot on the Upper West Side of NYC

I was surprised at the skyrocketing price of milk. A few months ago it was $.69, then a ten cent hike became a weekly event, like the price of gas, I guess.

Good to know that the prices at the uptown and downtown Fairways are the same.

Sep. 27 2007 01:20 AM
Barry Appel from I live in Guttenberg, NJ but shop a lot on the Upper West Side of NYC

I noticed that uptown and downtown Fairway's prices are identical, but Red Hook is higher. Could be the toll across the Williamsburg Bridge?

I always thought that Fairway had the lowest prices in town, but some of the other shops have them beat- except for the bodegas and small Asian stores.

I was surprised at the price of iceberg lettuce in general, and in the course of just a few months the price of milk skyrocketed from $.69 to $1.09. The ten cent hikes seemed to be a weekly event.

Sep. 27 2007 01:13 AM
Barry Appel from I live in Guttenberg, NJ but shop a lot on the Upper West Side of NYC

Iceberg lettuce (large head) $1.89
Quart whole milk (non-organic) 1.09
6 pack of Bud (bottles) 5.79

Fairway Market, W. 74 & 75 St., Broadway

Sep. 27 2007 12:44 AM
puchan from Maplewood, NJ

Shop Rite
Summit, NJ
Suburban Supermarket Chain:

Quart Whole Milk: $1.69
Head of Iceberg Lettuce: $1.49
Beer: Not Available

Whole Foods Market
Millburn, NJ

Quart of Whole Milk: $1.19
Head of Iceberg Lettuce: $1.99
(While the item and price were posted, I did not actually see any iceberg. Head of Romaine was available and posted at $1.79)
Beer: Not Available

I was very surprised at the price of milk at Shoprite. Perhaps people in the suburbs buy in larger quantities, hence the need to gouge items that come in smaller units? (The cost of a gallon of milk was $4.19)

Sep. 26 2007 10:03 PM
Charlie Esser from Newark, NJ

Milk: $1.59

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $4.99

Location: Kearny Shop Rite, on the boarder of Kearny, East Newark, and Newark.

Also note: This location charges 3 1/2 % sales tax as opposed to the regular 7%.

Final Note: FYI Beer is not commonly available in grocery stores in New Jersey, this one had an attached liqour store from which I priced the beer.

Sep. 26 2007 09:29 PM
Jim from Clifton, NJ

Milk: $1.49

Lettuce: $1.99

Budweiser: N/A

Name: Pathmark

Location: 895 Paulison Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011

Characteristic: Lower Middle-class suburban supermarket.

Surprised: Yes, milk prices go up every time I look. Has an early frost decimated our cows?

Sep. 26 2007 08:55 PM
Shelley from Queens

head of iceberg lettuce, nice and large, $1.99
quart of whole milk, paper carton, $1.20
6-pack Bud in cans $5.69

Pathmark, Aguilar Street, Flushing, Queens, NY
clean store, ethnically diverse neighborhood

Sep. 26 2007 08:47 PM
JB from Upper East Side (Manhattan) / 86th street near 1st Avenue

Beer: $6.99
Milk: $1.39
Lettuce: $1.99

Location: 86th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in Manhattan (Upper East Side neighborhood)

Store: Gristedes

Characteristics: I chose Gristedes (a large regional supermarket) because it represents a good average price for my neighborhood. Eli Zabar's and others are probably more expensive; Associated and specialty stores are much cheaper for certain items.

Surprised: Yes, the lettuce is ridiculous--should be like $.79 for this almost nutrient-absent, hybrid food. Also, I did notice that someone at THE SAME CHAIN only a couple blocks away paid $.20 more for the same milk.

Sep. 26 2007 08:46 PM
Cheryl from Louisa Street, between Story and Chester , Kensington Brooklyn

Foodtown at McDonald Ave. and Albermarle Rd. Keningston Brooklyn

iceberg lettuce: $1.40

milk: $1.20

beer: $5.99

Sep. 26 2007 08:22 PM
Annet from Redding, CT

Milk $1.39 or $1.49 depending on brand!!!!
Lettuce $1.64
both at IGA supermarket in Redding CT.
We can't buy beer at the grocery store here in CT.
Budweiser at the Package store $5.52 + 30 cents bottle deposit
Very surprised at the price of iceberg. Didn't think it would be that much.

Sep. 26 2007 08:18 PM
John from Queens, NY 11385

Store name: Key Food

Location: Myrtle ave at summerfield st.
Queens NY 11385

1 qt Tuscan whole milk 1.39
1 head iceberg lettuce 1.49
Six pack 12oz Budweiser 5.59

-John E

Sep. 26 2007 07:57 PM
Yanelle from 153 St. & Amsterdam/Hamilton Heights

Milk: $ 1.49

Iceberg lettuce : $ 1.69

Bud: $ 6.00

Prices seem to be reasonable.

Sep. 26 2007 07:56 PM
Kyle from Fort Washington

Milk: 1.39
Lettuce: 1.99
Beer: 6.99

Sep. 26 2007 07:32 PM
ileen from uws

Gristedes 504 Columbus (84-85)
milk $1.39
lettuce $1.99
beer $6.99

surprised? As a non-car owner, it's surprising to think about how gasoline really is one of the cheapest liquids you can buy. Milk, beer, juice & even water costs more per gallon than gasoline.

Sep. 26 2007 07:24 PM
Michelle from Hoboken, NJ

Milk: $1.59

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $4.99

Milk & lettuce from Kings Supermarket in Hoboken North on Shipyard Lane. The beer is from Sparrow Wine & Liquor next to Kings on Shipyard Lane.

Kings is a small, but nice, chain grocery store; Sparrow is a small, but nice, chain liquor store!

I'm not surprised about the food...Kings wants to be gourmet and charges as such. The beer seems really cheap though!

Sep. 26 2007 07:11 PM
Joan from Garden of Eden, Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights

Milk: $4.99 for a gallon of non-organic whole milk (I didn't realize the assignment was for a quart)

Iceberg: $1.99

Beer: Could not locate Budweiser, only Bud Lite, which was a whopping $12.99 per 6 pack of 12 oz. bottles

This is a high end, gourmet-type market which also sells premium hors d'oeuvres (pates, caviar, etc.) in a high rent district

Sep. 26 2007 06:35 PM
Nancy from Boerum Hill

Milk $1.19
iceberg lettuce $1.59
6-pack Bud 6.29

Found in Boerum Hill, Smith & Baltic

Met Food

Surprised? No-- But it was hard to find a quart of whole milk.

Sep. 26 2007 06:35 PM
John Celard0 from Fanwood, NJ

A&P Fanwood, NJ (There's only one)

Moooo - $1.26

Crunch - $1.99

Bud - $5.99

Wow, the city is cheaper than the 'burbs. Who'd a thunk!

Sep. 26 2007 05:55 PM
Liz from Darien, CT

milk: $1.89

iceburg: $1.99

beer: $5.79

Palmer's Market, Darien...might as well be living in New York

Sep. 26 2007 04:54 PM
Darian from Inwood

Location: Fine Fare at 200th(Dyckman) and Broadway, Manhattan

Milk $1.29
Iceberg lettuce $1.79
6-pack of Bud $6.99

Sep. 26 2007 04:23 PM
Darian Silk from Inwood

Location: Fine Fare at 200th(Dyckman) and Broadway, Manhattan

Milk $1.29
Iceberg lettuce $1.79
6 of Bud $6.99

Sep. 26 2007 04:22 PM
Barry from Upper West Side

Food Emporium 2000 B'way (@68th St)

Milk: 1.20

Lettuce: 2.49

Beer: 6.49

Sep. 26 2007 04:10 PM
Richard Duncan from Manhattan

Re crowd sourcing
Gristedes 65th and 1st Ave
Quart of milk $1.39
Head of iceberg Lettuce $1.99
Six pack of Budweiser $6.99
I was not surprised Prices have been going up. I have noted milk in particular.

Sep. 26 2007 03:57 PM
Marcia DeGeer from 11th ave and Prospect Ave. Windsor Terrace Brooklyn

Key Foods--family owned chain
11th ave and Prospect Ave.
Milk 1.20
lettuce 1.59
Beer 5.99
An aside: they wrap any three organic vegetables or fruits in a styrofoam tray and wrap in cellophane and charge 3.99 or 4.99 whether it is three onions or three peaches. I would love to hear about another crowdsourcing project that prices the organic foods variances throughout the city.

Sep. 26 2007 03:56 PM
jill from brooklyn

Milk is $1.25

There is no lettuce

A 6-pack of 12-ounce Budweiser (bottles) is $7.00

@ K&H Deli/Supermarket
6th ave & 20th St in Brooklyn
Korean deli

Not surprised, given the price wars between delis in this neighborhood... there is no well-stocked supermarket for about 6 blocks.

Sep. 26 2007 03:52 PM
Annice Alt from Washington Heights

Milk $1.29/qt
Iceberg lettuce $1.50/head
6-pack Bud in glass $5.99

Associated supermarket, 529 Fort Washington Ave @187th St. I'm not surprised.

Sep. 26 2007 02:52 PM
Linda from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Iceberg lettuce: $1.99

Milk (1qt): $1.25

Budweiser (6 pack - cans only): $5.69

Associated Supermarket
802 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Surprised: No

Sep. 26 2007 02:49 PM
Michelle from NYC

Associated Supermarket Morton Williams 278 Park Ave. South @22nd St.

Milk: $1.29
Lettuce: $1.99
Beer: $5.99

This is a supermarket in a busy residential/commerial upscale area of Manhattan. It sits at the base of a high rise luxury condominium building. It is in the Gramercy Park/Flatiron district.

Sep. 26 2007 02:20 PM
Rocky from Manhattan

Milk $1.39
Iceberg (spelled "iceburg") lettuce $1.99
Bud 6-pack $6.99

Gristedes 89th and Lexingtion in Manhattan

Surprised? Nope - items in this store are always overpriced.

Sep. 26 2007 01:56 PM
rob newton from upper west side

Fairway, 74th & Broadway:
milk - $1.09
Bud - $5.79
lettuce - $1.49

Pioneer, 74th & Columbus:
milk - $1.09
Bud - $5.94
lettuce - $1.49

Sep. 26 2007 01:53 PM
Bill F. from Shoprite of Hillsdale, Broadway, Hillsdale NJ

Iceberg Lettuce $1.49

Budweiser 6 pack of 12 ounce bottles $4.99

Shoprite brand quart whloe milk, $1.19

A bit surprised the beer was less than $5.00, the other prices are normal non-sale prices.

Sep. 26 2007 01:24 PM
i from Queens

milk: $1.10
lettuce: $1.29
beer: $5.29

Astoria--Bravo supermarket--35th street & 34th avenue

newest supermarket in an area w/ several others

not surprised

Sep. 26 2007 01:23 PM
Jane from Upper East Side; Manhattan

At the Food Emporium at 81st and East End

Milk $1.49
Iceburg Lettuce, cello wrapped $1.99
(hidden in the corner far from the pricier greens)
^-Pack Bud bottles $6.99

Sep. 26 2007 12:52 PM
Alan Appel from Scarsdale, NY

Milk $1.27
Iceberg Lettuce $1.99
Beer $5.99

DeCicco Market
Christie Pl.
Scarsdale Village

Sep. 26 2007 12:10 PM
al x

A & P 87 Main St.

Milk: $ 1.20
iceberg: $ 1.99
beer: $ 5.49

no surprises here

Sep. 26 2007 12:02 PM
LIz from Lower Manhattan

Food Emporium, Greenwich St, Tribeca

Milk - $1.20

Iceberg Lettuce - $2.49

6 pack Bud - $6.49

I'm not surprised that the food emporium is right up there for high prices (except for milk, which seems low, as it should be, since it goes bad about three days after you buy it).

Sep. 26 2007 11:38 AM
Laura from Manhattan - 26th between Broadway & 6th

I shop three different places:

Whole Food in Chelsea
CVS on 25th & 6th
Fresh Direct (internet)

These three prices are from Fresh Direct:
Whole Milk = $1.19
Iceberg Lettuce = $1.99
Budweiser Beer/6 pack = $6.49

I however routinely buy enriched non fat milk, more expensive types of lettuce, and non-domestic beer.

I was not surprised by the Fresh Direct prices.

Sep. 26 2007 11:33 AM
Jenn from South Bound Brook NJ

Milk: $1.69

Lettuce: $0.99 on sale, reg.$1.99

This is from a Shop Rite in Bound Brook NJ.
Recently, I was shocked to find a price difference of $0.70 in a gallon of milk sold there and at a Shop Rite in Hillsborough, 15 minutes away.

Sep. 26 2007 11:32 AM
Miriam Winocour from Morningside Heights

Westside Market (110th & Bway)
Milk $1.15
Iceberg $1.69
6-pack Budweiser $7.14

D'Agostino (110th & Bway)
Milk $1.49
Iceberg $1.59
6-pack Budweiser $6.49

Sep. 26 2007 11:30 AM
justin from Manhattan

As much as I would like to state that there maybe price gouging I am also forced to state that depending on the location one is likely to find that the Retail outlets pay different rents. Thus the costs to the Retailer are going to be different and thus I am not sure if there is a fairness in stating that it is price gouging.

Sep. 26 2007 11:28 AM
Kale from NYC

Price for a six pack of Bud in cans:

6 X $6.75 = $40.50 !

This is at Shea Stadium. At least they open it for you.

Surprised? Not if the Bullpen is strong. Lately though the price is getting a bit surprising, yes.

Sep. 26 2007 11:01 AM
Rachael from Park Slope, Brooklyn

@ Associated, on 5th Ave. btw Union St. and President St. in Park Slope:

- 1 qt milk = 1.19
- 1 head iceberg lettuce = 1.69
- no beer sold here

I buy just about everything but my produce (and beer) here. I'm surprised the iceberg lettuce costs so much, and I'm surprised how much the cost of milk has gone up. It can't have been too long ago (within the past year?) that I was buying 1 qt milk at Associated for 85 cents.

Sep. 26 2007 10:59 AM
bk from nyc

milk - 1.50
lettuce - 2.29
bud beer - 10.99

D'agastino on Lexington b'twn 35th st. & 36th st
I was shocked.

Then went to my local Gourmet Garage on the corner or Mercer & Broome in Soho
1 milk 1.29
1 ice lettuce 1.50
beer - no bud but premium beer starts at 10.99

Sep. 26 2007 10:57 AM
Lynn Shaw from Riverdale, Bronx, N.Y

Fairway, 125th off Henry Hudson Pkwy.

1 Qt Whole Milk $1.09
Iceberg Lettuce $1.89
Budweiser 12oz. bottles (18 Pack) $14.99
(didn't have 6-packs)

Was surprised to find prices lower than at my neighborhood supermarket (which I checked out the day before). A checkout clerk told me that Firway's milk is the cheapest in the city.

Sep. 26 2007 10:56 AM
Rachel from Upper West Side

Food Emporium on Broadway and 90th Street

Milk: $1.39

Lettuce: 2.49

Beer: $6.49

I was surprised by the milk. I feel like it was just $1.03

Sep. 26 2007 09:53 AM
Michael Lavin from Upper east side at work

Foxy iceberg $3.99 (organic is all they stock)
Milk $1.39
Bud long neck $ 6.49

Food Emporium
Madison 87/88sts.

Sep. 26 2007 09:44 AM
Diana from Manhattan

Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Gristedes, East End Ave at 81st St., a small supermarket

Whole Milk: $1.59/qt

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $6.99

Surprised by the cost of milk, but then it seems to go up every week.

Sep. 26 2007 09:40 AM
Lis F from Short Hills, NJ

At Livingston Shop-Rite, Livingston, NJ:

1 quart whole milk: $1.35
same for low fat.

1/2 gallon of both: $2.69

Sep. 26 2007 12:52 AM
ileen from uws

Shim Si grocery - Korean deli 524 Columbus bet 85-86

milk $1.89
lettuce $1.99
beer $7.00

surprised? Yes, since I don't buy iceberg lettuce or beer, and only buy organic milk.

Sep. 25 2007 11:41 PM
Dorothy from Trumbull, CT

Milk - $1.59
Iceberg Lettuce - $1.79
6-pk. Bud bottles - $5.99

Trumbull Super Stop & Shop
Trumbull, CT

National supermaret chain

Surprised - thought I'd get better prices than smaller markets and delis in the city. These are comparable and, sometimes, higher. Disappointing.

Sep. 25 2007 11:38 PM
jane stein from new rochelle, new york

Food Emporium on Quaker Ridge Road New Rochelle
Beer.........$5.49 + deposit.

The price of iceberg lettuce surprised me. I remember when it was 49 cents and overpriced at that.

Sep. 25 2007 11:23 PM
joan from brooklyn - associated mkt. E. 16th and Newkirk

Bud: 5.49
lettuce: 1.59
milk: 1.29

in general I thought these prices were high - but not when I looked at others.

Sep. 25 2007 11:03 PM
Libby Kessman from Upper West Side of Manhattan

quart of milk--$1.15
iceberg lettuce--$1.69
no Budweiser beer at this store! (many other kinds, though...)

West Side Market
Broadway and 110th Street

Not surprised, as I shop here frequently and find the prices fair (although I NEVER buy iceberg lettuce!).

Sep. 25 2007 10:03 PM
Natasha from East Village

East Village - 4th St and 2 Ave

East Village Farms Health Food & Grocery -- Bodega, family owned, I believe.

Whole Milk - $1.99

Iceberg - $1.99

6-pack Bud - $8.94 ($1.49 per bottle, didn't see any 6-pack-specific price)

Surprised - Somewhat when compared the prices to some of the other listings here. Expected it to be cheaper than Whole Foods, for example. But this bodega is at a major intersection in the East Village, so no real bewilderment here.

Sep. 25 2007 09:58 PM
Lori from Kensington, Brooklyn

Lettuce 1.29
Milk 1.39
Beer 5.79

Golden Farms 24 hour multi-ethnic large fruit-veg grocery

Church Avenue and E. 4th Street

Sep. 25 2007 09:48 PM
Barbara Anne from Long Beach, Long Island, NY

whole milk 1 qt. $1.25

iceberg lettuce $1.99

6 pack Bud bottles $5.49

All food has gone up considerably in the last year. It's awful!!

Sep. 25 2007 09:37 PM
Jane from Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Met Food Markets
632 Vanderbilt Avenue
btwn Prospect Place and Park Place

milk - $1.19
lettuce - $1.49
beer - $5.99

Not surprised by the prices, but I was surprised by the quality of iceberg lettuce: every head I picked up was rotten to the point of dripping. (Blech!)

Sep. 25 2007 09:25 PM
JoAnne from Montclair, NJ

Whole Milk quart - $1.49 (store brand)
Iceberg lettuce head - $1.99

both from Montclair Pathmark Supermarket Bloomfield Avenue at Grove Street.

Budwiser 6 pack of bottles - $6.05

from Romany Liquor Shop 227 Glen Ridge Ave Montclair. (no alcohol in supermarket)

Not surprised as I don't ever buy any of these.

Sep. 25 2007 08:30 PM
m. from Brooklyn

Milk: $1.39

Lettuce: $0.99

Bud: $5.49

Name: Food Bazaar

Location: 21 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Characteristic: Mid-sized supermarket.

Surprised: Yes, compared to the prices below.


Milk: $1.29

Lettuce: $1.79

Bud: $5.49

Name: La Famosa

Location: Corner of Broadway and Malcolm X Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11221

Characteristic: Neighborhood bodega

Surprised: $1.79 for iceberg lettuce?!

Sep. 25 2007 08:30 PM
Jim from Clifton, NJ

Milk: $1.39

Lettuce: $1.99

Budweiser: $5.49

Name: Shop-Rite

Location: 1409 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Characteristic: Middle-class suburban supermarket.

Surprised: By the milk and lettuce, yes, but not by the beer. As mentioned above, NJ laws on alcohol vary by municipality.

Sep. 25 2007 08:06 PM
Smokey Forester from LES

Milk - $2.59
Iceberg Lettuce - $1.29
6-pack Bud bottles - $6.00

Essex Market
120 Essex Street
New York, NY

Gentrifying Hispanic market
Not surprised

Sep. 25 2007 07:20 PM
Susan from Brooklyn Heights

Iceberg lettuce - $1.99

1 qt. whole milk - $1.20

6-pack Bud (bottles) - $5.99 (on sale, don't know the regular price)

Key Food, Montague St. betw. Hicks & Henry


Iceberg lettuce - $1.99

1 qt. whole milk - $1.39

6-pack Bud (bottles) - $6.99

Gristede's - Henry St. betw. Pineapple & Clark

Surprised? No, I knew Gristede's would be more.

Sep. 25 2007 07:19 PM
Lucy from Brooklyn

1 Quart wh. Milk: $1.19

Lettuce: $0.99

6 pack Budweiser can: $5.49

Store: Key Food

Location:120 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217-3226

Type Of Store:Large Supermarket

I was not really suprised

Sep. 25 2007 06:46 PM
Liz Miller from Brooklyn

One quart regular milk: $1.09

Iceberg lettuce: $1.89

Six-pack 12 oz. Bud: $5.49

Store: Fairway Market

Location: Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Type of store: Large supermarket/regular and high-end

Surprised: yes, given it was Fairway, I thought it would be more expensive

Sep. 25 2007 06:30 PM
Laura G. from West Caldwell, NJ

Milk: $1.19

Lettuce: $1.69

Budweiser: N/A (New Jersey)

Name: Whole Foods

Location: 235 Prospect Ave, West Orange, NJ

Characteristic: You know, whole foods!

Surprised: No.

Sep. 25 2007 05:57 PM
Linda Lawrence from King Kullen Supermarket,Sunrise Highway,Rockville Centre, Long Island

iceberg lettuce $1.99
6 pk Bud $5.49
Qt whole milk $1.20 in cardboard and $1.30 in plastic.

I was surprised by the difference in price for milk depending on the container

Sep. 25 2007 05:27 PM
Mark Hardison from East Village

I'm a 37 yr old male college student. Things are tight, no doubt. I have to ask the question: When a local business, for example,
asks the customer for three dollars for a doughnut.. a doughnut.. people, why is it that
people just pay it.. and of course give a dollar tip on top of that.. it's just a doughnut people.. only $3,000 a month for a studio apartment??.why let me give you $4000.
What I'm saying if we, collectively, refuse to pay it; then perhaps we won't keep being asked to pay such insane prices. It's up to us to create our own change.
Mark Hardison

Sep. 25 2007 05:26 PM
Jam from Jackson Heights

milk $1.49
lettuce $1.99

Trade Fair
76th St/37th Ave
Jackson Heights, Queens

no surprises.
after buying organic for so long,
almost made me want to switch back.

Sep. 25 2007 05:11 PM
Eveline from New York City

1St Avenue and 53 street
Milk $1.59
lettuce $2.29
Beer 6.49

Sep. 25 2007 05:08 PM
Spencer from South Harlem

milk $1.16

lettuce $1.79

Bud $5.99


96th and Lexington

Sep. 25 2007 05:05 PM
Mike O from Monroe, NY

Qt. whole milk: $1.20
Iceberg lettuce: $1.49
6-pack bottles Bud: $5.29

Location: ShopRite, Route 17M Monroe, NY (Orange Co.)

No surprises.

Sep. 25 2007 04:57 PM
Tomara from Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Sorry, the milk should have been 1.99. 3.39 was for a gallon.


Sep. 25 2007 04:52 PM
Tomara from Sunset Park, Brooklyn

iceberg: 1.49/head
bud bottles: 5.49
milk: 3.39

Keyfood Store #432
4320 5th Ave
Bklyn, NY 11232

Sep. 25 2007 04:51 PM
Michael from Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Quart of whole (non-organic) milk: $1.19

a head of iceberg lettuce: $1.59

6 pack of 12oz. bottles of Budweiser: $6.29

Location: Met Food, 197 Smith Street in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. A medium sized chain supermarket that has been in the neighborhood for 20+ years.

Surprised? a little by the high price for iceberg lettuce and the beer and the low price for milk.

Sep. 25 2007 03:11 PM
kevin from Chelsea


Milk 1.49

Lettuce 1.99

Buds 6.99

Gristede's Mega Mart

8th ave at 22nd street....Chelsea

Not suprized

Sep. 25 2007 03:09 PM
Linda from Park Slope, Brooklyn

milk: $1.20

Bud $5.67

Iceberg $1.69

7th Avenue, between Caroll and Garfield Streets
Key Food

Sep. 25 2007 02:43 PM
John Hahn from NJ

NJ Gtrocery stores can sell alcohol. They need to have a Liquor license which is controlled by the community. No law against booze & food.

Sep. 25 2007 01:51 PM
John Hahn from NJ

(2) locations in NJ
Pathmark 2200 Maple Ave Fair Lawn NJ 07410
Milk $1.39
Lettuce $1.99
Beer $6.35* Liquor store next to Pathmark run by an Asian man

Food Basic 929 Lincoln Ave, Glen Rock NJ 07452
Milk $1.19
Lettuce. $.88
Beer $5.48

Sep. 25 2007 01:45 PM
Tim B from Staten Island

Beyer's Market, 2241 Victory Blvd, Staten Island
Milk: $1.39
Lettuce: $1.99
Bud Beer: $5.99
One-off, family owned market that's a little bigger than a standard 7-11 store, with a full deli counter and butcher counter. Surprised the beer is not more and that the milk is not at a loss leader price to match the Pathmark.

Pathmark, 1351 Forest Ave, Staten Island
Milk: $1.20
Lettuce: $1.99
Bud Beer: $5.69
I never get my milk here as it never lasts to the sell-by date.

Sep. 25 2007 01:37 PM
Emily B.

Food Emporium on 1st Ave. and 71st Street

Milk: $1.39

Lettuce: $2.49

Beer: $6.49

Surprised? Yes, I thought the beer would be more. We lovingly refer to this particular FE location as 'Food Extortion'

Sep. 25 2007 01:06 PM
Jennifer Tuttle from Astoria

Trade Fair Supermarket - Astoria, 30th Ave./31st St. (Open 24/7!)

Milk: $1.09

Lettuce: $.99

Beer: $7.99 for 12-pack

Not surprised, but pleased, by prices - I moved here partly for these kind of prices.

Sep. 25 2007 01:03 PM
Philip Dawson from Seventh Ave. @ 14th St.

Prices at Food Emporium
475 Sixth Ave. (@ 12th St.)

Milk: $1.25
Lettuce $1.49
Beer $6.49

Not surprised

Sep. 25 2007 12:50 PM
Valerie L. from Gramercy Park

milk qt. non-organic 1.29
iceberg lettuce - Not available
6-pack Bud 6.79

Associated at 22 St and Park Ave. South
I was surprised that this store, which I always assumed to be way more expensive than most - was actually in the range of most others around...although they definitely are more expensive on other items, and they always have shabby veggies. Met Foods on 3d Ave. and 17th is always more reasonable and fresher.

Sep. 25 2007 12:45 PM
carol from Brooklyn Heights

Iceberg Lettuce: $1.99

Quart Whole Milk: $1.20

6 Pack Bud: $5.99

Not so bad, considering.

Where: Key Food
Montague Street, Bklyn Hgts.

Sep. 25 2007 12:44 PM
DavidG from Kennsington, Brooklyn

milk: $1.39 qt.

lettuce: $1.49

6 pk. Budweiser $7.00

good Korean grocery, Caton Ave. near E. 7th St.

Sep. 25 2007 12:16 PM
Francyne Pelchar from NYC

Bodega, Middletown Rd. near Crosby Ave, Pelham Bay Pk. Bronx

6 pack Bud....$6.00

no lettuce or other veg

Korean Veg Mart, Crosby near Westchester Ave.

no beer

Korean Veg Mart, Buhre near Westchester Ave.

no beer

Surprised? No, I usually buy my veg at these shops as the veg is cheaper and better quality than the supermarket.

Sep. 25 2007 12:10 PM
Jill Mont from Park Slope Brooklyn

Lettuce: $1.99
Beer: $5.69
Milk: $1.20

Pathmark at 13th street and 3rd Ave
(big chain grocery store)

Sep. 25 2007 12:00 PM
Melissa from Sunset Park

National Supermarket, 4th Ave b/w 48th & 49th St.

milk: $1.39

lettuce: $1.39

budwiser: $5.69

type: small chain grocery store - recently and nicely renovated

surprised? not really, though the range in beer prices was surprising - 6 pack of 12 oz. brooklyn wiess for $10!

Sep. 25 2007 11:49 AM
bernice rotondi from MANHATTAN

MILK $1.59

BEER $6.49


60th and 1st Ave. Manhattan

High End Mkt.
Not Surprised

Sep. 25 2007 11:11 AM
Lynn Shaw from Riverdale, Bronx, N.Y

Key Food (a medium sized chain supermarket) at the corner of 235th St. and Oxford Ave.

1 Qt. Whol Milk $1.29
6-Pack Budweiser Beer, 12oz.bottles$5.69
Head of Iceberg Lettuce $1.99

Couldn't compare prices of iceberg lettuce or, as I don't buy either. Will go to Fairway (where I usually shop) and check prices there.

Sep. 25 2007 11:01 AM
Laura from NJ

Quart of (non-organic)Whole Milk: $0.99
Head of IceBerg Lettuce: 1.99

They don't sell alcohol in supermarkets in my town which is Nutley

These prices from:

ShopRite of Nutley
437 Franklin Ave
Nutley, NJ 07110
(It's a REALLY big supermarket, biggest in the area.)

I was surprised that regular milk could be that cheap, I usually buy organic.

Sep. 25 2007 10:55 AM
Christopher from Brooklyn, NY

Quart of milk: $1.20

Head of iceberg lettuce: $1.79

Six pack of Bud, 12oz. bottles $5.99

Super Foodtown 1420 Fulton Street, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn 11216

Sep. 25 2007 10:55 AM
william from Lower East Side

Milk: $1.19
Head of Romaine Lettuce: $1.29
Six of Bud (12 oz): $4.99

Grand Street. LES, Fine Fare Supermarket (found typically in poor neighborhoods)

Sep. 25 2007 10:38 AM
Francyne Pelchar from NYC

Key Foods, general supermarket, Westchester Avenue near terminus of #6 line, Pelham Bay, Bronx

Budweiser Beer.....$5.29
Iceberg Lettuce....$1.99

I never buy iceberg lettuce because it is so tasteless, so I was surprised that it seems rather expensive.

Sep. 25 2007 10:36 AM
Salvo from Morningside Heights

@ Morton Williams Supermarket, 2941 Broadway at 115th Street:

Lettuce: $1.89
Milk: $1.29
Beer: $5.99

This store caters mostly to the Columbia University community. The lettuce seemed a bit steep to me, but the milk and beer were what I expected.

Sep. 25 2007 10:06 AM
Deb Kayman from Upper West Side

I visited 2 stores, 1 in Kingsbridge (near work) & 1 near home (Upper W Side).

Kingsbridge: Pioneer Supermarket/Caribe Deli (different entrances at same address), 125 W, Kingsbridge Rd., Bronx.
Milk $1.19; lettuce $1.29 (that was the posted price; however, when asked, the cashier told me $1.49); beer (available only at Caribe) $6.00.

Upper West Side: Fairway, 2127 Broadway @ 74th St. Milk $1.09; lettuce $1.89; beer $5.79.

For me, the only surprise was that the price for lettuce was higher at Fairway.

Sep. 25 2007 09:06 AM
Jey from South Slope

milk $1.20
lettuce $1.29
Bud $5.69
Park Slope 9th st.

Sep. 25 2007 08:14 AM
susan from b'way btw 98-99th (west side)

surprised about the beer, esp. when comparing with others so far

Sep. 25 2007 07:45 AM
susan from b'way btw 98-99th (west side)

Iceberg lettuce 1.49

6 pack Budweiser in bottles: 9.50

1 qt. regular milk 1.59

Sep. 25 2007 07:45 AM
jorge from Pompton Lakes, NJ

In NJ, supermarkets do not sell beer, but I was able to get prices on lettuce and Milk from the A&P located at 47 Wanaque Ave, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442.

Milk: $1.39
Lettuce: $1.69
Beer: N/A

I was surprised by the prices, I thought that the lettuce would be 99 cents and that the milk would be more expensive.

Sep. 24 2007 10:25 PM
Fred from Manhattan

Gristedes - University Place between 8th & 9th

milk: $1.25
lettuce: $1.99
beer: $6.99

D'Agostino - University Place between 10th & 11th

milk: $1.59
lettuce: $2.29
beer: $6.49

I wasn't surprised by these prices.

Sep. 24 2007 09:51 PM
terra from Columbus, OH

milk $1.49
lettuce $.79
beer $4.99

Found at:
Kroger (standard suburban-style supermarket)
Columbus, OH (43215)

Surprised? A little. I knew rent was cheaper here, but you guys are getting seriously ripped off for beer in NYC!

Sep. 24 2007 09:11 PM
Jenny from 181st and Fort Washington Ave, "Hudson Heights"

Smile Deli
east of Fort Washington
( walking towards Broadway)

Milk 1.39
Lettuce 1.59 price listed

Jin's Deli
West of Fort Washington
( walking towards Cabrini Blvd )

Milk 1.39
Lettuce 1.99 price listed

Jin's being more expensive did not surprise me because as you head west from the subway, a more affluent set resides. Jin's though, is also cleaner, friendlier, fresher, and always has someone speaking English at the counter.

Sep. 24 2007 08:47 PM
Peter from Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Like Chris (comment #16), I went to the Red Hook, Brooklyn Fairway today. I got different prices though. (It IS a large and complicated store layout..maybe designed to confuse? I found european specialty beers, cold beers and room temperature beers in three completely different parts of the store.)

1 Quart of whole milk - $2.15

1 head of iceberg lettuce - $1.89

6 pack Bud in bottles - $5.49

We both seem to have found the same iceberg lettuce, clearly advertised with a sign above it. I saw a whole range of milk at $2.15 and the $5.49 beers were room temperature and near the registers, aisle 1.

Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn
480-500 Van Brunt St.

I wasn't really surprised by the prices, more concerned that I got different results than someone else in the the same store on the same day!

Fun project, though.

Sep. 24 2007 08:41 PM
Caitlin from Sunset Park

Sunset Park - C-Town (8th ave & 45th st)

Milk: 2.42

Lettuce: 1.69

Beer: 5.59

I had no idea what to expect, since I can't remember the last time I bought any of these things. I have no idea why the milk is so pricy!

Sep. 24 2007 08:41 PM
Laura Fandino Swedowsky from Bensonhurst brooklyn

Milk: $1.29

Lettuce: $1.59

6pk Bud 12 oz bottles: $5.79 + deposit

Associated supermarket Ave O at west 7th

Not surprised! I know they are gouging me.

Sep. 24 2007 08:05 PM
Lori from Kensington, Brooklyn

Milk $1.39
Lettuce $1.49
Bud beer bottle 6 pack $7.00

E. 7th and Caton

Little corner grocery

Sep. 24 2007 07:18 PM
Jennifer from Long Island City, Queens

Milk: $1.59

Lettuce: $1.99

Budweiser: $7.00

Name: E&I Deli

Location: Long Island City/Vernon Boulevard between 50th and 49th Avenues

Characteristic: Neighborhood bodega, but a bodega that carries a lot of organic food

Surprised: I wish I could say that I am, but I'm well aware that they gouge me daily.

Sep. 24 2007 07:06 PM
Peggy Becker from Stuyvesant Town, Manhatten

Associated Supermarket
East 14 Street between Ist Ave. & Ave.A

1 quart whole milk $1.19
6pk. Budweiser $6.49
Iceburg lettuce $1.29

No, I was not surprised.

Sep. 24 2007 06:35 PM
Peter Krass from Park Slope, Brooklyn

Milk: $1.20

Beer: $5.69 (though hard to find - most of the Bud is sold in 12-packs for $10.99)

Lettuce: $1.69

Location: Key Food grocery store, 7th Ave. between Carroll St. and Garfield Pl., Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Sep. 24 2007 05:59 PM
Judy Keane from Manhattan

Milk - $1.09

Beer - 6.49

Lettuce - $1.98

Met Foods - Third Avenue & 17th Street

Neighborhood -- Union Square???? Area doesn't really have a name.

Not surprised

Grocery Store

Sep. 24 2007 05:44 PM
i from Queens

Milk $1.19

Beer $4.99

Lettuce $1.49

Astoria--21 street & Broadway
Associated(medium sized supermarket)

Surprised? Not by my local supermarket b/c I shop there often. I am surprised by how much higher prices are in other neighborhoods.

Sep. 24 2007 05:31 PM
Theresa from Fire Island, NY

ShopRite in Bay Shore, NY - from their on-line store. Because of where we live (Fire Island), we have our groceries delivered and normally buy directly from their web site.

Note that beer could not be purchased on-line.

Quart of Whole Milk - $1.03

Iceberg Lettuce - $1.99

Sep. 24 2007 05:21 PM
PW from TX

Milk: $1.74
Iceberg: $.99
Bud: $5.49

Not Manhattan but Texas

South Adams

Sep. 24 2007 05:10 PM
Jerpy from NY, NY

Lettuce - $1.99

Budweiser - $9

Milk - $1.69*

6 Ave near Charles St

Arab Bodega

Sep. 24 2007 05:07 PM
Roger from East Village

Milk: $1.43

Lettuce: $1.99

Beer: $6.49

Store: Met Food Market

Address: 107 Second Ave (bet. 6th & 7th St.)

Neighboorhood: East Village

Distinguishing characteristic: local grocery

Surprised?: Yes. Higher than expected.

Sep. 24 2007 04:46 PM
Philip Dawson from Seventh Ave. @ 14th St.

Milk: $1.09
Lettuce: $1.49
Beer: $8.99

WestSide Market
77 Seventh Ave. (@ 15th St.)
high-end retailer
date: 24 Sept. 2007

Sep. 24 2007 04:44 PM
Roger from East Village

Milk: $1.25

Lettuce: $2.49

Beer: $6.29

Store: Food Emporium

Address: 10 Union Sq. at 14th St.

Neighboorhood: Union Square

Distinguishing characteristic: supermarket

Surprised?: No.

Sep. 24 2007 04:37 PM
Chris from Soho

Milk: $1.09
Lettuce: $1.89
Beer: $9.49
Store: Fairways
Address: 480-500 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn 11231
Neighboorhood: RedhookD
Distinguishing characteristic: high-end retailer
Surprised?: Yes. I thought that the beer price was ridiculous!

BTW - this is a great idea.

Sep. 24 2007 03:43 PM
Gretchen Nearon Gonzalez from Crown Heights..Brooklyn N.Y.

Fine Fare
261 Kingston Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11213
Milk ( Qt Whole) $1.19
Ice berg Lettuce $1.59
(Don't sell Beer)

Associated SuperMarket
975 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11225
Milk $1.39
Bud Beer $5.69
Iceberg lettuce (cello) $1.79

Sep. 24 2007 03:16 PM
Marge from White Plains

Oops, I copied it incorrectly. The Bud at the Food Emporium was $5.49.

Sep. 24 2007 03:00 PM
Marge Feder from White Plains

D'Agostino's Rye Ridge Shopping Ctr Port Chester milk $1.49
lettuce $1.99
6 pack Bud $6.49

Food Emporium 261 S. Ridge St Port Chester
milk $1.20
Lettuce 1.99
Bud 6.49

Sep. 24 2007 02:56 PM
Gillian from Washington Heights

4037 Broadway and 170th st

regular grocery store

milk: $1.39

beer: $6.99

lettuce: $1.99

Surprised? Yes, I would have thought/hoped food would be less expensive in a grocery store in a poor neighborhood.

Sep. 24 2007 02:37 PM
Lola from NYC

Nolita/Little Italy?
(where I work, not where I live)

Met Foods, Mulberry & Prince
mini-grocery store

Milk - $4.49 Gallon
(oops, thought the assignment was a gallon)

Lettuce - $1.79 for romaine
no iceberg for sale

Beer - $6.99 for Rolling Rock
no six packs of Bud

I don't drink milk so I was surprised by how much it costs.

Sep. 24 2007 02:27 PM
Pamela from Union Square

MILK - $1.19
BEER - Not Available. Similar brands, PBR 12 pack of 12 ounce cans $6.49 or Corona, 6 pack of 12 ounce bottles $8.99
LETTUCE - $.99 (this was not listed. I had to ask a clerk how much the lettuce cost so this price is not confirmed.)

Store - Whole Foods, Union Square

Surprised - Yes. I didn't think they would have non-organic milk, or iceberg lettuce. However, it did not surprise me that Budweiser was not available.

Sep. 24 2007 02:01 PM
Benita B. from Greenwich Village

Milk: $1.69
Lettuce: $1.79
6-pack Bud: $7.00 (excl. tax & deposit)

Green East, Korean deli, corner 10 St & 4th Ave

Surprised? Out of this context, yes, but comparing with the others on this site, not at all.

Sep. 24 2007 01:53 PM
Suzie from east of Gramercy

Milk - 1.89
Lettuce - none
Beer - 9.50

Korean Deli
2nd Ave & 22nd St.


Milk - 1.29
Lettuce - $2.29
Beer - $7.99

Associated Market
23rd St & 2nd Ave

Sep. 24 2007 01:51 PM
Max Brimberg from Gold and Fulton Street(Manhattan) Wall Street Area

Milk $1.25(sale)
Iceberg lettuce 1.99
Beer 7.49

Associated Market at 77 Fulton Street

The prices are generally high here but sales are ok and seniors get a 10% discount two days a week.

Sep. 24 2007 01:40 PM
mike from brooklyn, ny

milk - $2.50
head of iceberg - $2.50
Bud - $7.50

Location: Clinton / 4th Place, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Name: Clinton Deli & Grocery

Type - Korean Deli

Surprised - yes, especially by the lettuce.

Sep. 24 2007 01:15 PM
Nicole from East Village

East Village - Ave A at 2nd Street
Graceland Market -- Bodega, family owns several locally

Whole Milk - $1.80

Iceberg - $1.80

6-pack Bud - $9.00

Surprised - Yes, it makes me sad that I chose to give my business to a small family-owned bodega, and they are gouging!

Sep. 24 2007 01:07 PM
Miss Kitty from Gravesend Brooklyn

Local medium sized supermarket:
Fine Fare, 406 Avenue P, Gravesend Brooklyn, NY

Whole Milk - .99 to 1.29
Iceberg - 1.29 to 1.49
Bud 12 pack - 9.99
(they don't carry 6 packs)

The surprise is there is more than one choice of iceberg and that they don't carry 6 packs

Sep. 24 2007 12:07 PM
ellen from manhattan

milk $1.39/qt
iceberg lettuce $1.99/ head
6 pack Budweiser, bottles $6.99

Gristedes Broadway between 103rd and 104th st
Surprised, no! Prices at this store are rarely a bargain

Sep. 24 2007 12:06 PM
Jim from Manhattan

Lettuce - $1.99
Budweiser - $6.49
Milk - $1.19*
Online Grocer
Surpirsed - No
*not including delivery fee

Sep. 24 2007 11:00 AM
Jim from Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Milk: $1.50
Lettuce: $1.50
Budweiser: $6.00

Name: Ralph's
Location: Fort Greene/Lafayette Ave. & South Portland
Characteristic: Small neighborhood bodega
Surprised: Yes!

Sep. 24 2007 08:42 AM

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