Getting Back to Business in a Post-Sandy 2013

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For many in the New York and New Jersey area, this week's winter storm comes as their recovery from super storm Sandy is still underway.  That slow path to recovery for Sandy victims is particularly daunting for local business owners contending with how to keep their doors open.

As winter sets in and 2012 comes to a close, a handful of business owners in and around Red Hook and nearby Sunset Park in Brooklyn share their stories about how they're trying to rebound two months after the storm.

Sarah Ryhanen is co-owner of Saipua a flower design and soap manufacturer.  Oliver Pelle, is the co-owner of Pelle designs, a sculpture and architecture studio and Alison Robicelle is owner of Robicelli's bakery, a business run by her family, who have deep roots in New York City. Reg Flowers, Senior Collaborator at Falcon Works Artist's Group is a community organizer and resident of Red Hook. He says the long march to recovery for the entire community will take a long time.