#3249: New Sounds Live with Shara Worden and yMusic

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Held until now, hear some of the music from the New Sounds Live with Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) & yMusic from March of 2011 on tonight's show.  At that concert, Worden wore both her composer and performer hats, treating us to songs that were included o her Fall 2011 release, "All Things Will Unwind." Highlights from the night include live performances of "Be Brave," "There's a Rat," "She Does Not Brave the War," and others, featuring yMusic, percussionist Brian Wolfe, and guest vocals by DM Stith at Merkin Concert Hall's Ecstatic Music Festival.

PROGRAM #3249 New Sounds Live w/Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) & yMusic
(First aired on 9/22/11)    





My Brightest Diamond

All Things Will Unwind

Be Brave, excerpt [1:30]

Asthmatic Kitty AKR085

Shara Worden & yMusic, special guests DM Stith, Brian Wolfe, percussion

New Sounds Live @ Merkin Hall’s Ecstatic Music Festival 3/16/11

Shara Worden/My Brighest Diamond: We Added It Up* [4:30]

Skin and Bones [3:56]

Escape Routes* [3:27]

Be Brave* [4:15]

A Paper, a Pen, a Note to a Friend

Ding Dang* [2:30]

There’s a Rat* [4:10]

High, Low, Middle* [3:38]

A Whistle, A Tune, a Macaroon [3:13]

These performances not commercially available.   
*Many of the songs appear on “All Things Will Unwind,” on Asthmatic Kitty


Clogs (feat. Sufjan Stevens and Shara Worden)

Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton

We Were Here [4:22]

Brassland HWY 021