Beat It


Hear some percussion-centered works on this New Sounds show.  There's the Los Angeles-based Ironworks Percussion Duo playing a work for vibraphone and steel drum by Missy Mazzoli.  We'll also hear music by composer and steel pan virtuoso Andy Akiho, along with something from bagpiper/composer Matthew Welch's band Blarvuster, an outfit that somehow pulls in Balinese/Indonesian gamelan, Celtic influences, & minimalist licks.

Also, a 25-year old recording of music by Eric Stokes, performed by Zeitgeist from our WNYC studios, and perhaps a sample from the new So Percussion release featuring works by Steven Mackey as well.

PROGRAM #3248 Percussion-Centered Works  (First aired on 9/21/11)    





So Percussion

Steven Mackey

Mackey: It Is Time - Steel Drums, excerpt [1:30]

Cantaloupe CA21076


Andy Akiho

No One to Know One

Kiiro - Yellow [5:10]

Innova 801

Matthew Welch


Canntaireachd Masolah ii [8:00]

Tzadik 8077


Live at WNYC, 11/86

Eric Stokes: Susquehannas [11:41]

This performance not commercially available.  Later released on a recording of Eric Stokes’ music on New World Records, #80596

So Percussion

Steven Mackey

Mackey: It Is Time - Steel Drums [7:42]

See above.

Ironworks Percussion Duo


Missy Mazzoli: Volume [10:45]

IronWorks Records

Andy Akiho

No One to Know One

the rAy's end [4:28]

See above.