Musical Cross-Pollination


On this edition of New Sounds, we'll hear from singers who reach across musical traditions, including a new recording of a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan piece – “Mustt Mustt” - by Indo-Canadian singer Kiran Ahluwalia, featuring the Tuareg musical rebels from Mali, Tinariwen.  Kiran says of the collaboration - "I knew it would be compelling to have a song from the South Asian Islamic tradition performed with Muslims from Mali."  We'll hear the results on this program.

We'll also listen to Indian Sufi singer Zila Khan, (daughter of late great sitar player Ustad Vilayat Khan), incorporating texts that pay tribute to the musician and saint Hazrat Amir Khusrau, who started the Qawwali singing movement in the 13th century. Plus, music from a Portuguese fado singer incorporating music from the Cape Verde islands, a Cape Verdean singer collaborating with musicians from Egypt, and an Irish singer incorporating the loping rhythms of African desert blues.

PROGRAM #3245 Cross-Pollinations  (First aired on 9/13/11)    





Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Live, 1993

Mustt, Mustt

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Mustt Mustt is the title track of the CD,
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UstadeMaa Zila Khan

Sar Masti

Chhaap Tilak [7:19]

Music Today
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Kiran Ahluwalia & Tinariwen

Aam Zameen/Common Ground

Mustt Mustt [4:18]

Avokado Artists Recordings
Due out October 25, 2011

Susan McKeown & Ensemble Tartit

Sweet Liberty

Oro mhile gra (A thousand times my love) [4:29]

World Village #468029***

Kiran Ahluwalia


Haath Apne [6:00]

Four Quarters Entertainment / Times Square Records 1802

Mariza (Feat. Tito Paris)


Beijo De Saudade [4:17]

Four Quarters Entertainment /World Connection 1814*

Cesaria Evora

Nha Sentimento

Sentimento [4:27]

Lusaafrica 562503

Youssou N’Dour


Tijaniyya [5:44]

Nonesuch #79694***

UstadeMaa Zila Khan

Ishq Ki Nayee Bahar

Rubai (Sufi Darvesh) [8:50]

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