Gay Couple Says I Do, Senator Craig Says I May Not!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last Friday Sean Fritz, an Iowa State University student, married Tim McQuillan, making them Iowa's first gay married couple. The two were able to get married when a state judge deemed Iowa's state ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. A day later the judge declared a stay on his ruling.

And we take your calls on whether Senator Larry Craig should resign.


Sean Fritz

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Steve from Bayside

Why is Craig an automatic "Hypocrite" if he is gay and against gay marriage? Do you mean to suggest that there are no legitimate legal/ethical arguments opposing gay marriage which the Senator may actually honestly believe in?

We all know that there are many women who oppose the NOW agenda. Many blacks who oppose the NAACP agenda. Why is it assumed that if he is gay and opposes gay marriage that he is an automatic "hypocrite" as you say? Are the women and blacks I mentioned "hypocrites" as well in your view?

I know it makes for a 'good story' but its not a very respectful debate. It comes across as dismissive on your part. And if you must know, I am a straight man who supports gay marriage, but I at least concede there are some legitimate legal and ethical reasons to oppose it.

Sep. 05 2007 06:33 PM
Nick Lento from NJ

Please please please Senator Craig do NOT resign.

Please reneg and drag this whole mess out to the nth degree.

I want to see you go our kicking and screaming when your own party fails to put you on the ballot next November.

Even better yet, I want to see you BE on that ballot so a real pro family Democrat can kick your ass next year.

Larry Craig you ARE the face of the Republican party; that's why guys like Romney find your actions "disgusting".

Specter is right in that you were entrapped and railroaded and I sincerely wish you well in your quest to reverse the legal situation; BUT there is absolutely no doubt that you "pled" because your WERE actually "guilty"/ashamed.

You don't deserve a conviction in a legal court; but the the court of public opinion/common sense, you are as guilty as "sin".

So, again, please reneg on your "intentions" to resign. Make my day!

Sep. 05 2007 12:09 PM
chestine from NY

I got those images from Ben Stein and i agree with him on the strength of those images - how long till we revisit the 50s when our brand of stalinism was named McCarthy? We are getting closers. Have you seen "The Lives of Others"? Put someone away because he looks gay and was handled? i don't care about his politics or his republican sex phobia hypocrisy - i care that we are innocent till proven guilty - of something!

Sep. 05 2007 12:05 PM

Why isn't anyone discussing the fact that Larry Craig was implicated in the 80s in a Congressional page sex scandal with young boys? Or that he said Louisiana couldn't be rebuilt after Katrina because it was corrupt?
He's not a good guy who has been framed.

Sep. 05 2007 12:00 PM
David from Brooklyn

The implication of this entire discussion is that gay is wrong. What happened to my public radio station?

Sep. 05 2007 11:59 AM
ab from NYC

Oh...and soliciting sex in a bathroom is illegal. have we forgoten that?

We "weren't there" he shouldn't resign? Bizarre call....

Sep. 05 2007 11:55 AM
Harvey Berrnstein from Yonkers, NY

chestine, we do not disagree, although calling it a lynching AND bringing in Stalin is a little like the jump to Hitler when you disagree with someone.

Sep. 05 2007 11:55 AM
ab from NYC

Larry Craig should resign due to the hypocrisy, plain and's a no-brainer really.

You can't legislate and speak out against homo-sexuals and spread homophobia and then be up to what he's been up to.

I don't care whether he was "set up". The police perform stings all the time to catch illegal behavior...why should the standards change for this moron? Because he's a Senator? Because he's a Rethuglican and the media is all corporately owned? What's with the double standard?

He should go NOT due to his sexual orientation but because of his hypocritical homophobia spreading agenda. No-brainer.

Sep. 05 2007 11:54 AM
Trevor from LIC

Why is Larry Craig so incompetent? He waives his Miranda rights, decides to plea guilty, then not, then says he will resign this month, and now maybe not. What gives? If someone is prompting him, then they should at least make up their minds telling him what to do.

Furthermore, this whole debacle is indicative of the wider problem of what goes on in men's bathrooms. Its not that its gay sex, but I think people regardless of sexual orientation would agree public sex is unacceptable and disgusting. Any man, gay or straight, who tries to have sex in a public restroom WANTS to get caught.

But alas, cheap thrills...

Sep. 05 2007 11:53 AM
John Hahn from NJ

When Bush, Cheney and other much higher level government officials resign for roaylly screwing up our country and causing the deaths of thousands of people worldwide.
Why do we need to focus on the an Idaho Senator who may or may not be gay.

Sep. 05 2007 11:52 AM
chestine from NY

No - I agree with Ben Stein who has called this a lynching worthy of Stalinist Russia. I think Craig is entitled to due process. Is closeted gayness a crime, no matter how hypocritical? Where will the law come down on entrapment How about the fellow who paid a Louisinana prostitute without consequence? I think the irony is rich but I think he is entitled to his day in court.

Sep. 05 2007 11:49 AM
Harvey Berrnstein from Yonkers, NY

Who cares? Craig cannot unring the bell. Everyone knows who he is. If his constituents wish to re-elect him, they should be free to do so. He will never again be a strong advocate for "family values" and the rest the right-wing bs.

Sep. 05 2007 11:48 AM

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