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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Frank Rich, New York Times columnist and author of The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina, discusses why he thinks the White House obscures reality.

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Frank Rich

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SuzanneF from Live in Manhattan / Work in NJ

I am extremely disappinted Brian that you and Frank Rich can apologize for Don Imus. Even seriously. Two white men excusing the inexcusable. There is no way Don Imus should return to the airwaves -- even supposedly cleaned up. His "more high minded" dscourse" does not balance his "low life" pandering. It is not in any way amusing or tolerable. For women, people of color, and other minorities, the time to allow this insulting radio personality is over.

Sep. 04 2007 11:43 AM
Barbara from NYC

Larry Craig's anti-environment votes should be flushed out!! I care about the effects of his destructive corruption and voting record than his sexual proclivities. Why can't we raise these as an important part of an assessment of his record as an elected persona?

Sep. 04 2007 11:39 AM
Aug from spanish harlem

If anyone thinks that just because the GENERALS SON, is in the rotc that he is going to end up in Iraq, that is like thinking the prince of england is going to Iraq, that kid even if he is sent to Iraq it wont be in harms way. remember little george bushes airnational guard duty in the war for arizona, while everyone else was in vietnam. also little DICK CHENEY'S record letters of whatever they are i call them get out of war cards. good luck to the caller and his son.

Sep. 04 2007 11:34 AM
Scott from Manhattan

Why is that when Mr. Rich describes what would be involved in replicating the successes of Anbar across Iraq, he says nothing about the tribal diplomacy and how our forces were used to attain the peace in Anbar, but instead focuses on troop concentration in order to extrapolate that to a need for hundreds of thousands of extra troops to replicate that success and the need for a draft to recruit that number?

Sep. 04 2007 11:30 AM
Alexa from Manhattan

I love Frank Rich's op-ed,
I look forward to it every week.

Thanks for being so well informed--and backing up all your comments with facts. It is so refreshing.

I bought your book too--loved it, thank you!

Sep. 04 2007 11:30 AM
Bruce Pribram from Park Slope, Brooklyn

I wonder if there has been any talk concerning the effect the Times-reported discovery of oil in the Sunni areas of the western provinces. Also -- on one of the talk shows (Chris Matthews?), it was stated that Senator Clinton is close to General Petraeus.

Sep. 04 2007 11:27 AM
Taher from Croton on Hudson, NY

There is an American fantasy that hundreds and thousands of troops will change the coarse in Iraqi. This is a colonial occupation and the Iraqis will resists until all of the occupying forces leave their country.

Sep. 04 2007 11:25 AM
mgdu from hell's kitchen

wasn't bush shaking hands with sheiks who were responsible for killing our soldiers for the last few years?

isn't it obvious that change in Anbar portends not peace but jockeying for sectarian advantage? sunni sheiks just realize that they were outmaneuvered by shiites, that going with al-Qaeda against U.S. backed government and troop was suicidal.

Sep. 04 2007 11:25 AM
hjs from 11211

check out channel 13 friday nights 7 to 10.30. they have a lot investigative work.
the problem is most americans aren't watching.

Sep. 04 2007 11:25 AM
Fred Kahan from New Jersey

Please ask Frank about the growing drum-beats over a blitzkrieg of Iran. With Sarkozy, Brown and even several Democratic candidates echoing Cheny's talking points, the detailed analyses (largely from the UK) of the feasibility of such a holocaust sound awfully ominous.

Sep. 04 2007 11:20 AM

Craig gets some credit for having the good taste to announce his resignation at the local TRAIN station...

Sep. 04 2007 11:09 AM
Robert from NYC

you answered your own question, i.e., because it's the "corporate" media. I ask why now does PBS follow that lead!! At one time you could count on public broadcasting to be more investigative and less accepting of policy and less insipidly center located.

Sep. 04 2007 11:05 AM
mgdu from hell's kitchen

credibility comes not from accreditation but performance, and Rich's columns over last several years have conveyed good reporting and analyses

Sep. 04 2007 11:05 AM
hjs from 11211

harnasnian, shouldn't any citizen be able to comment on politics in a democracy?

the real question is why the corporate media not challenge the republicans on the facts and why the American public accepts the status quo.

Sep. 04 2007 10:28 AM
Harnasnian from NYC

Why does a background in reviewing plays and ruining the lives of playwrights entitle this dandy to make one single comment on politics? Who can accept his opinion built on absolutely no credibility?

Sep. 04 2007 09:05 AM

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