In a Tight-Knit Community, Friends Grapple With Consoling Loved Ones

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Residents are gathering at a local diner and at places of worship, overwhelmed with the weight of the tragedy and finding comfort in one another as investigators puzzle together what happened.

Heather Saunders has lived in Newtown for nine years. She is the mother of two girls and knows some of the parents who lost children in the school shooting yesterday Friday.

"I think they're just going through the motions," she said. "They're just sort of shut down. And a lot of what I can do is only give prayers and send thoughts and let them be with their families."

Lisa Romano is struggling with how to help her friends cope with the loss of their children. Two people from her church, Trinity Episcopal Church, lost loved ones in the shooting.  Both victims were children.

"I just think about in particular my friend who lost her son," she said. "And that he was just such a joy in his life and keep thinking about her calling him by his special name, and it's just heartbreaking."

Both women spoke to WNYC’s Caitlyn Kim in Newtown. Listen to her interview above.