A Father Mourns the Loss of His Daughter's Best Friend

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Newtown, Connecticut, is a small town nestled in Fairfield County. It is home to roughly 27,000. Its main street, Churchill Road, winds through the town center past restaurants and shops and Colonial style homes draped in Christmas decorations.

Locals say it's a community where everyone knows each other.   After the school shooting, the small, picture-book Connecticut town wonders how it will pick up the pieces.

It's not only the immediate family of the 26 people whose lives were taken on Friday, but neighbors and friends who now face tasks that no parents ever should.

It's people like Glenn Schicker, who lives in the neighborhood.

His 6-year old daughter attends Sandy Hook elementary school. She was not injured,  but her best friend is among the 20 children killed.

Here is Glenn Schicker's story, as told to WNYC's Yasmeen Khan. Starting with when he first learned that there had been a shooting at his little girl's school.

"She lost her best friend," he said through tears. "She lost her best friend yesterday. A sweet little girl who's like a daughter to us as well."