Star Trek - The Original Music for the Original Series

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The original Star Trek television series ran for just three seasons (1966-1969), but it made an indelible impact on viewers, fans, and American culture. Along with the stories, characters, and visuals of the series, the music composed for the show contributed to the power and magic of Star Trek.

La-La Land, a west coast record company, has just released a 15 CD boxed set of every note of music composed for the original Star Trek. This compendium was a labor of love for its producers, and one of them, Jeff Bond, joins David Garland to present selections from this treasure trove of dynamic, dramatic, evocative music composed by some of the most effective, imaginative composers working in television at that time. This interview was heard last week on Garland's WQXR show Movies on the Radio, and he provides different commentary and additional music on this Spinning On Air. Composers featured include Alexander Courage, George Duning, Gerald Fried, Fred Steiner, Jerry Fielding, Sol Kaplan, and others.