NY Elected Officials Continue Push for Sandy Relief Aid

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Governor Andrew Cuomo held a meeting on Friday to coordinate a broad-based push between elected officials, and business and labor leaders, to get Congress to move on more than $60 billion in Sandy relief aid.

Republican Congressman Peter King of Long Island said that House leadership understands the need for action, but he warned that time is not on New York’s side.

“The Speaker [of the House John Boehner] has been very positive,” King said during a press conference after the meeting. “Having said that, there's still a long way to go between now and the vote. And if we don't get it done between next week and Christmas, I don't think it's going to get done.

The Republican-led house is seen as the biggest potential obstacle to the passage of the Obama administration’s aid package. But, says Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, the Senate’s 60-vote requirement to bring a bill to the floor presents its own hurdle.

“Next week is sort of our D-Day,” Schumer said, who indicated the bill would be introduced on Monday in the Senate.

When asked about what the state’s fallback plan was should the estimated $32 billion for New York get stalled or reduced by the Congress, Governor Cuomo said there wasn’t one.

“There is no Plan B on how to make up that amount,” he said.