Yanks vs. Sox, Is the Rivalry Fizzling?

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The signing of former Boston Red Sox Kevin Youkilis to the Yankees may seem just like the latest chapter in the never-ending rivalry between the two teams. But with Curse of the Bambino exorcised by the Red Sox’s World Series win in 2004, and the Sox and Yanks' dominance over their American League Eastern division waning, is the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry still red hot or just lukewarm and cooling?

On Twitter, Dave Hashim told us Youklis signing "stings,”  but added "it's hard to hate someone who produced so much in Boston.”

Dominic White, meanwhile, tweeted "Boston traded him. They didn't want him."

Chad Finn is a sportswriter for the Boston Globe and writes the blog, Touching All The Bases for Boston.com. 

He says there’s been quite an exodus of Boston players from the 2004 team that have put on the pinstripes.

“It kind of jumped out at how many players had made that switch because you don’t think of the Red Sox and Yankees having any sort or relationship that way,” Finn told WNYC’s Amy Eddings.

Finn says in many cases the draw for these former Sox players to the Yankees was money and opportunity.

But he thinks the rivalry shouldn’t be topping the list of concerns for either team. “They should be concerned with one, getting their house in order and two, the upstarts in the American League East.”

Listen to Amy Edding’s full interview with Chad Finn above.