Music Video: Our Rendition of Beck's "Saint Dude"

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Studio 360's John DeLore and Kurt Andersen practice "Saint Dude"
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Beck’s new album isn’t what you’d expect. There’s no CD, no .mp3s, and — despite recent trends — no vinyl. So how’s it being released? Sheet music. We’re speaking to Beck about Song Reader later today and the interview will be online early next week.

As we were getting ready for the interview, we had an idea: What if we put together a band to play some of the sheet music?

We followed through on that idea and, with the help of a few dozen friends, proudly present The Three-Six-Ohs with Beck’s “Saint Dude.” Watch out for WNYC personalities like Morning Edition’s Soterios Johnson, Soundcheck’s John Schaefer, On the Media’s Brooke Gladstone, WQXR’s Terrance McKnight, and Spinning on Air’s David Garland. We also have Studio 360’s own Reverend John DeLore and several musically-inclined staff members from New York Public Radio.

Oh, and there’s a special cameo too. Is that Beck, or Kurt “Glockrockinbeats” Andersen? You’ll have to watch the whole video for the big reveal.


Video: Kurt Andersen & radio friends perform Beck's "Saint Dude"