No More Dog Days

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Remember the hot, humid days of August? Where have they gone? Nancy Gibbs, Editor at Large, at Time Magazine and author of the new book The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House is exhausted from her news filled summer, are you?


Nancy Gibbs

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Perry Liberty from Glen Oaks, NY

Why is Karl Rove REALLY stepping down? Rove is too calculating, so why has he decided that THIS is the right time for him to go? Is it the pressure from Congress over warrantless wire-tapping or the DA firings?

We all know that high level officals suddenly need to "spend more time" with their families whenever they decide to leave their post, and 99% of the time there's a much more serious reason for their resignation. (I think former EPA Director, Christie Whitman, is a great example of this.) There's more here than meets the eye...

Aug. 23 2007 11:57 AM
Dave Goessling from High Bridge, NJ

I've always noticed that it industrial accidents, fires, etc. seem to happen in August. In the past there have been fires in the Meadowlands, gas storage tanks catching fire, etc. I have always assumed it's because the people who really know how to operate things go on vacation, leaving the apprentices, or second stringers to run stuff...


Aug. 23 2007 11:55 AM
Mickal Norgreig from SoHo

You mean that he is missing the fact that the Iraqi government went on vacation while they have yet to meet the "benchmarks" Bush is requesting.

The benchmarks = the privatization of Iraqi Oil by the parliment.

They don't want to do it and can't agree to do it. So vacation it is!

Aug. 23 2007 11:50 AM
Chad Harris from Ridgewood, Queens

I think Brian is clearly missing that the Iraq War is about OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OIL! What is the war in Iraq about? Oil?

Just say it, it's NEWS!

Aug. 23 2007 11:48 AM

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