NYPD: Getaway Car Found in Midtown Shooting

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New York police say they've found the getaway car linked to the execution-style slaying of a Los Angeles man in broad daylight in midtown Manhattan.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Wednesday that the car has been found in Queens.

Police officials in New York are in touch with authorities in Los Angeles. They're trying to get a clearer picture of why anyone would have wanted Brandon Lincoln Woodard dead.

The police offered more details about the final hours of Woodard. According to video footage it looked like Woodard was looking at his phone. "Obviously, we're very much interested in what information was on the phone at the time," Kelly said.

Additionally, Kelly said the night before Woodard was killed, he met with a woman from Queens. They watched a football game and then went to dinner nearby.

Woodard was shot in the back of the head Monday afternoon after he checked out of a hotel on nearby Columbus Circle.

New York investigators are examining three phones carried by Woodard when he flew to New York City on Sunday.

Hannah Sheehan contributed reporting