Shooting Victim May Have Been Lured to Midtown, Police Say

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Police say the victim of a brazen ambush on a midtown Manhattan sidewalk may have been lured there before the killing.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Tuesday that Brandon Lincoln Woodard was walking back and forth and checking his phone for messages before a gunman walked up and shot him in the head. Kelly added that Woodard saw the shooter.

"It appears that he looks over his shoulder, gets a glimpse of the shooter, does not appear that he recognizes him, turns his head forward and that’s when he’s shot in the head," he said.

Kelly said security video indicates the unidentified shooter had been waiting in a Lincoln SUV parked on the same block for at least a half hour before the gunfire erupted. The car fled the scene and was last seen going through the Midtown Tunnel.

The killing occurred Monday on West 58th Street near the Time Warner Center.

Authorities say the 31-year-old Woodard had 20 prior arrests in Los Angeles, but Kelly said he did not spend much time in jail.

Police say the same gun that was used to shoot Woodard was also used in a 2009 shooting in Queens.