Confessed Subway Pusher Says He Didn't Mean to Kill Victim

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The man police say pushed a Queens father in front of an oncoming train that struck and killing him, says he's sorry about what happened and only meant to act in self defense.

Naeem Davis, 30 spoke gave a jailhouse interview to DNAinfo reporter Andrea Swalec from Rikers Island where he's being held on charges of second-degree murder. She says Davis told her he didn't mean to push 58-year-old Ki Suck Han so hard.

"Davis says that he has no intention to kill Han," Swalec told WNYC. "Davis says that he was just trying to get Han away from him and that he feels a lot of remorse now."

Davis also says he's been diagnosed with bi polar disorder and that he had been using marijuana before the incident.

He's due back in court on Tuesday.