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Monday, August 13, 2007

We’ve all heard the statistics: women get paid 75 some-odd cents for every dollar a man earns. Except that doesn’t seem to hold true in cities like New York, where young women are now outearning their male peers. Guest host David Cruz takes a look at why the big city means big bucks for young women. But is the news all good? Also: Karl Rove resigns and Iowans weigh in on the Republican presidential candidates; Democrats debate gay issues; we take your calls on political strife within your family; and will the environment be saved by a glass orb that sits on your desk?

Pulling Straws

US News and World Report senior writer Liz Halloran talks about this weekend's Straw Poll in Iowa and the resignation of longtime Bush political mastermind Karl Rove.

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The Dems on Gay Issues

Jonathan Capehart, editorial board member for The Washington Post, on last week’s presidential forum which looked at the candidates' perspectives on Don't Ask Don't Tell, hate crime laws, and gay marriage.

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The Color of Conservation

Would you use waste less electricity if you knew just how much you were using? Wired magazine writer Clive Thompson explains the "Ambient Orb," a device that changes color depending on how much energy you’re consuming, and other devices that monitor energy use.

Read Desktop Orb Could ...

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The 21st Century Wage Gap?

For young urban women, are the streets of New York paved with gold? Andrew Beveridge, a demographer at Queens College and author of No Quick Riches for New York’s Twentysomethings in Gotham Gazette, talks about his research that shows young urban women are outearning their male ...

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Open Phones

Last week Caroline Hanover (Rudy Giuliani's daughter) was linked to the Obama campaign via her Facebook profile. Listeners call in and tell us about their stories of political rebellion.

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David Cruz

David Cruz

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Guest host David Cruz on the Brian Lehrer Show, 8/13/07.


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