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60-Second Stir Fry: Whitney Wright of Gilt Taste

A senior editor at Gilt Taste, Whitney Wright used to be a line cook manning the vegetable station at Per Se. It's no wonder she performs so well under pressure. After choosing the furry gremlin as this week's studio 4 mascot, Wright hardly quailed at the questions tossed at her on the fly.

I posed a scenario all-too familiar to many urbanites: What does she make on the days when she gets home from work late and exhausted? (I'll admit now that I was looking for tips.) Well, her go-to recipe is spaghetti carbonara — an impressive dish to whip out a moment's notice. 

But perhaps it's easy to aim high when you're cooking for two. The recently-married Wright explained on her blog, Feeding Mr. Wright, that she and her husband are both pizza junkies. Naturally, I had to ask is gracing the tops of her pies these days. Her answer was music to the ears of a seasonal food fan: kale. 

Find out more, including what her favorite cookbook is and what kitchen staple she always relies on, in the video below.