Mayor Says Sandy Funds Won't Pit City Against State

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he's confident money given to the state for Sandy recovery will make its way down to New York City.

Speaking on his weekly show WOR-AM radio show Friday, he said concern that money given to the state by the federal government won't be allocated to the city or will be set aside for state lawmakers' pet projects is unfounded.

"Look, Andrew Cuomo has an office here in the city," he said. "He lives in the Westchester, but he's a city guy. He understands."

Governor Andrew Cuomo made a trip to Washington, D.C., to make a pitch for the $42 billion he's requesting from the federal government. The governor said the estimated the losses for New York City to be $15 billion.

Bloomberg also stood by his decision not to evacuate nursing homes and adult living facilities in flood-prone areas in the days before Sandy.

"It takes a long time to move some people, you know, if they're infirmed and that sort of thing," he said. "And there's just a limited amount of time between when you realize just how big or not big a storm is going to be, and you have to make the decision and then you have to ride with it."

The decision not to evacuate this population was criticized after the New York Times reported that many residents of those facilities were left in the dark and cold after the storm.