China and US: Brian's Slideshow

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Brian recently visited China on a trip for journalists sponsored by the Committee Of 100. He and his fellow travelers will be posting reflections on the blog over the next week.

Your host on the Great Wall.

Solar panels not producing much energy in the rain at the Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Company headquarters. In the background, an example of how most people in China's cities, like Hangzhou shown here, live in high rise apartment buildings. Private homes are almost non-existent. I have now been to China and it turns out to be Co-op City!

A sign in the Yu Garden in Shanghai. Mildness strikes me as a positive Confucian value that refers to moderation. Here, such a place would probably be dismissed as the Hall of Milquetoast.

People in Beijing know where the car door is going to open, too. But they line up in an orderly fashion, even ten deep. This doesn't happen on the #6 train!

You can see some of the amazing detailing on this building in the Forbidden City.

They have only Chinese inside but English title translations on the cover. I was surprised at the amount of English in Beijing and Shanghai.

( Brian Lehrer )

The tanks have been gone for 23 years but for a first time visitor, just standing in Tiananmen square is an eerie experience. The national history museum stands in the background. I didn't have time to go see if it even mentions the massacre.