Culture Shock 1913

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What a year was 1913!  In an exhibition in a  New York Armory, Cubism and abstraction were revealed to the American public for the first time.  In Vienna, audience members at a concert of atonal music by Schoenberg and others broke out into a near-riot.  And in Paris, Stravinsky and Nijinsky’s new ballet The Rite of Spring burst on stage with famously inflammatory results.

Culture Shock 1913 tells the stories behind these and other ground-breaking events that year, and goes back to consider the years leading up to this mad, Modernist moment.  WNYC’s Sara Fishko speaks with thinkers, authors, musicians, art curators and historians about this unsettling, shocking era of sweeping change –and the not-so-subtle ways in which it mirrors our own uncertain age.


Host/Executive Producer: Sara Fishko
Associate Producer: Laura Mayer
Editor: Karen Frillmann
Mix Engineer: Wayne Shulmister, additional mixing by Edward Haber.