A December Holiday Playlist (No, Not That Holiday)

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Today, Dec. 5, is the day Congress repealed Prohibition back in 1933. To celebrate, John Schaefer recently spent some time with Colin Spoelman of Kings County Distillerysipping whiskey and playing songs in praise of a great American pastime: legal drinking.

All of this drinking and thinking reminded us that while there are other holidays in December, the entire month has been pretty much co-opted by Christmas. (And maybe November too.) Even outside of the less-often sung about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, Christmas is hardly the only holiday on the calendar in need of a good anthem or two.

Here are a few suggestions that should have you covered for most of the month.

December 14: Monkey Day

I did not make that up: Have a look for yourself at the official Monkey Day website. It makes perfect sense to cue up a monkey-themed song and get to dancing. You'll be dancing the Monkey, obviously.

Playlist pick: Major Lance, "The Monkey Time

December 15: Bill Of Rights Day.

Cool. I like rights.

Playlist pick: Devo, "Freedom of Choice

December 16: National Cover Anything with Chocolate Day (a.k.a. weekdays)

I'm not sure why we need permission, but, hey, chocolate for everybody!

Playlist pick: Bruce Springsteen, "Cover Me" 

December 21: Winter Solstice

This is the shortest day of the year, so you might not have much time to pick out a chilly, solstice-appropriate song day-of. Now you'll be prepared. 

Playlist pick: Nico, "Winter Song

December 26: Boxing Day

 Here's what I didn't know about Boxing Day: Everything. But what I have learned from the Internet is that Boxing Day -- celebrated in the U.K., Canada, Australia, among others -- was originally a holiday in which tradespeople and servants would receive gifts from their bosses. As a person who has had a boss or two, I fully support this. However, over the years, the holiday has turned into your basic day off. Celebrate.

Playlist pick: The Go-Go's, "Vacation"