Mostly Wordless Vocal Music


This New Sounds program consists of some mostly wordless vocal pieces, from Philip Glass to Roomful of Teeth, and vocalist and tape loop manipulator, Juliana Barwick.  Listen to the Glass score to Koyanisqatsi, and anexcerpt called “Vessels” featuring the Western Wind Vocal Ensemble.  Then Roomful of Teeth sings a work by Judd Greenstein working in Tibetan-style overtone/undertone chanting, yodeling, and hocketing. 

There’s also music by Eve Beglarian from her River Project, and a song, “I am really a very simple person," together with multi-instrumentalist Mary Rowell. Plus, in the Meredith Monk work, “Three Heavens and Hells,” Monk and the Vocal Ensemble concentrate on sounds, rather than words.

PROGRAM #3403, Mostly Wordless Vocal Music  (First aired on 12/04/2012)                                       





Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble

Volcano Songs

Three Heavens and Hells- Things, excerpt [1:15]

ECM 1589

Philip Glass, feat. Western Wind Vocal Ensemble


Vessels (Extended Version) [8:06]

Orange Mountain Music 58

BRIM (Eve Beglarian & Mary Rowell)

Songs from the River Project

I am really a very simple person [4:44]

Roomful of Teeth

Roomful of Teeth

Judd Greenstein: AEIOU [6:17]

New Amsterdam NWAM 041

Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble

Volcano Songs

Three Heavens and Hells [21:24]

ECM 1589

Juliana Barwick

The Magic Place

Flown [5:04]

Asthmatic Kitty Records AKR081