How Many SUVs Are on Your block?

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We want you to go outside and count the number of SUVs on your block, as well as the number of regular cars. This is our experiment in “crowdsourcing,” where we employ you, the listener, in an act of journalism. We’re trying to find out just how much gas-guzzling SUV use there is throughout the New York area, with all the talk of environmental sustainability in the city. We’re giving you until next Thursday to do the counting, but please, just count the cars once. Most trucks and minivans are not SUVs, so we're trusting your judgment. Also, please count the cars on both sides of the block (i.e. the section of your street between intersecting roads).

Post your results in the comment section below and we’ll analyze the results Thursday, August 2. The count ends at 1 pm Wednesday, Aug 1st!

Wired Magazine writer Jeff Howe explains the idea on the air.

Please post 1) your neighborhood, 2) your block (street and cross street) 3) the number of SUVs parked 4) the total number of cars parked

NOTE: While we ordinarily encourage comments of any kind, we would like to keep this page limited to the findings about SUVs. We will take other comments when we discuss this next week. Thanks!