Following Up: Judith Miller

When former New York Times reporter Judith Miller came on the show to discuss her City Journal article about Ray Kelly, many listeners protested that her credibility as a reporter had been irretrievably damaged. We ask Geneva Overholser, chair in public affairs reporting for the University of Missouri School of Journalism, former ombudsman for The Washington Post and a contributor to the book, What Good Is Journalism?: How Reporters and Editors Are Saving America's Way of Life (University of Missouri Press, 2007) and Daniel Okrent, writer, editor, (inventor of Rotisserie League Baseball), and the first public editor at The New York Times (October 2003 – May 2005). His columns are collected in Public Editor Number One: The Collected Columns (with Reflections, Reconsiderations, and Even a Few Retractions) of the First Ombudsman of The New York Times (PublicAffairs, 2006).