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60-Second Stir-Fry: Steve Ettlinger

Steve Ettlinger admits that he’s not a huge fan of junk food, but Amy Eddings put him to the test by pressing him on what junk food he would eat if he had to indulge. Instead of naming off a branded product, Ettlinger went with the more general answer of “glazed donut.” Maybe that’s more of a mid-afternoon treat for the author, though, because he said he prefers a savory start to the day.

He brought by a box of Zebra Cakes, which are covered in white frosting with chocolate stripes, to share. Those aren’t Hostess Brand, but Little Debbie’s, so those preserved snacks are here to stay. He also brought a container of ever-stable frosting, which he explained is just a lot of sugar with some shortening.

It was imperative to ask the author of Twinkie, Deconstructed, whether he has an affinity for one particular ingredient listed on the back of Twinkie package. His answer wasn’t butter or cream — neither one of those things are the yellow, shelf-stable cakes.

Find out what he said in the video below.