#3228: New Music from Saturn

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The cosmic composer/bandleader Sun Ra's big band space jazz might have been and still is pretty far out, but even Thelonious Monk agreed that it swings.  For this New Sounds, we'll hear music by Sun Ra, (he who claimed to be of the "Angel Race" and that he was from Saturn, not our planet Earth), done up by other ensembles.  We'll listen to the Heliocentrics & the Respect Sextet, along with Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet.  Plus we'll hear Sun Ra's music as rendered by the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, and many others.

PROGRAM #3228, Interpreting Sun Ra’s Music (First aired on 7/20/11)                                                       





Sun Ra & the Arkestra

Brain In A Box The Science Fiction Collection

Space is the Place

Rhino 79936 (5 CD set)
Available at Amazon.com*


Out There

Sounds of the East [1:33]

Now Again 75031

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

Year Of The Snake

A Call For All Demons [6:57]

Innova #599


Out There

Intermission [1:35]

See above.

Dan Plonsey & Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Wavelength Infinity: A Sun Ra Tribute

Constellation/The Art Scene [6:41]

Rastascan 18
www.rastascan.com OR
Download from Emusic or iTunes

Josh Roseman Unit


Daddy Gonna Tell You No Lie [3:06]

Enja 93922

Sun Ra & the Arkestra

Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films


Pink Elephants on Parade [2:31]

A&M #CD-3918.**
Or available for purchase at Amazon.com*

Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet

Plutonian Nights

Enlightenment [4:56]

Coppens CCD 3006
Available at www.ejazzlines.com


Fallen Angels – The Singles Collection

Distant Star [3:48]

Now Again Records 2009
Download from Emusic or iTunes

Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet

Plutonian Nights

Media Dreams [4:36]

See above.

Respect Sextet

Sirius Respect - the Music of Sun Ra & Stockhausen

Angels and Demons at Play [9:27]

Mode Avant 06

The Philadelphia Experiment
(Uri Caine, Christian McBride, (?uestlove)

The Philadelphia Experiment

Call For All Demons

Ropeadope 93042