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NJ's Damage From Sandy Nearly $37B

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said on Wednesday that his state needs $36.8 billion in federal aid for Sandy recovery — that includes $7.4 billion in mitigation projects.

The governor made the announcement in Trenton on Wednesday.

Christie is requesting that amount, which is greater than his state's entire budget, from the federal government.

He said more than 30,000 homes or businesses were destroyed or sustained substantial damage from last month's storm.

Earlier in the week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will push for $42 billion in federal aid for the state.

Here's the breakdown of New Jersey's request: 

Hurricane Sandy Repair & Response Cost ($ in Millions):

Government Response and Repair                        



Individual Assistance               


















Transit, Roads and Bridges                                                    



Parks and Environment                                                          



Water, Waste and Sewer                                                        



Government Operating Revenue                                              



Other Local Government Revenue & Road


Other Local Education


Atlantic City / CRDA


Port Authority


Utilities – Gas & Electric


Total Repair and Response Costs



Additional Mitigation and Prevention Costs:                      $7,422.7


OVERALL DAMAGE ASSESSMENT TOTAL:                          $36,907.3