Cuomo, Christie Work Together to Secure Federal Funding for Sandy Recovery

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New York's Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo said he’s working with New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie to make the case for federal aid to the region.

“I will stand with anyone who will stand with me,” Cuomo said. “If it will help get support for the people of this state. I’m not about politics, I’m not about political posturing. I want to get funding for the people of this state and however I can do that I will.”

Cuomo said Christie is still assessing the damage in the Garden State. “He’ll have that in the next couple of days, and we said that we’re going to work together,” Cuomo explained.

Cuomo has estimated that New York’s recovery will cost $42 billion. Christie's estimate for Sandy damage came in at about $30 billion. Christie did say the number could rise as the state finalizes its request.