Mexico and the U.S. in Obama's Second Term

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shannon O'Neil, senior fellow for Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, analyzes President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico’s visit to the White House yesterday. What does Peña Nieto’s election mean for the US-Mexico relationship and what did he and the President discuss in their first tête-à-tête?


Shannon O'Neil

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Charley Gerard from brooklyn

O'Neill is obviously an apologist for the Mexican government. The reason that there have been so many illegal aliens from Mexico is that Mexico is not taking care of its own people. It's incredible that the USA respects the opinion of the Mexican government about immigration reform when Mexico is the problem.

May. 31 2013 08:38 AM
Robert from nyc

Ms. O'Neil, great job of conflating facts to come up with a false conclusion......

1. ] mexico is our #2 trading partner

2.] NAFTA is of benefit to both countries, it has encouraged(?) a middle class, by helping dirt farmers move to the city, and a manufacturing economy.

Mexico is our #2 trading partner by value, it's where we dump cheap corn.........driving independent farmers out of business in mexico.

that scenario benefits investors........large scale commodity growers and traders......not the average working joe in either country

Nov. 28 2012 11:44 AM

There's a huge demographic change happening in mexico right now, too- the birth rate has dropped from nearly 6 kids per woman in the 70s to 2.2 today.

Nov. 28 2012 11:37 AM
Estela Lopez from White plains

I don't know were your guest got the information from, but I know first hand the ecomonic situation in Mexico is very bad, people in Mexico live under the povety levels and basics food (stapples are very expensive). Mexico economic is in very bas chape.

Nov. 28 2012 11:36 AM
John from NYC

The guest speaker should comment on NAFTA and all the U.S. factory jobs which moved right across the border into Mexico. There are many towns in the United States which are "losers" as well. You should invite Gregg Spotts who directed the "American Jobs" documentary film to get a more realistic commentary about NAFTA.

Nov. 28 2012 11:36 AM
oscar from ny

This new Mexican president is one of the biggest
Narco trafficker in human history, he has totally fumigated all his opponents and enjoys massive wealth and power and freedom to run his cartel given from the north of Canada all the way to the Andes of south America, the reason is that everyone around his drug empire rather see him and his goons in power than have one thousand or more in power, as you may know there's an all out drug war in Mexico..

Nov. 28 2012 10:35 AM

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