The Business Of The Rolling Stones

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This year, The Rolling Stones are celebrating a half century of making music. Over the course of those 50 years, the legendary, and long-lasting group has often been called the "world's greatest rock and roll band." But, they're also one of the world's greatest rock businesses.

Billboard editor Joe Levy has been thinking about this lately, and he joins us for a closer look at the business of the Stones -- from their early stunts with elephants and flatbed trucks to their current tour, which Joe Levy says is unprecedented. "They're getting 25 million dollars to play four or five dates," Levy explains. "They're still in the forefront, showing what you can do combining a London School of Economics education and Keith Richards' guitar."

The band announced their 1975 tour by playing "Brown Sugar" from the back of a flatbed truck in front of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Check out the footage from the documentary film 25x5: The Continuing Adventures of The Rolling Stones: .