The Rivalry Begins: The NY Knicks Face-Off Against the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn’s newest hometown team, the Nets, will host the city’s storied New York Knicks at their new home in the Barclays Center Monday night.

While many Brooklynites have mixed feelings about the new stadium, some are warming up to the team that brought basketball to the borough.

John Longo, who owns Dean St., a Brooklyn basketball bar and restaurant, said the Nets fans are a burgeoning crowd.

“Prior to their move to Brooklyn, there weren’t a lot of Nets fans in this neighborhood, so, its sort of like, you know, trying on a new pair of shoes,” Longo explained. “At first they’re uncomfortable and it feels weird, but as they win more games and people get used to them being around. I think more people are gonna be interested in rooting for them.”

The game begins at 7 p.m.

The Knicks are currently 9-3, and the Nets aren’t far behind at 8-4.

The two teams were originally scheduled to play one another on November 1, but the game was postponed due to Sandy.