#1059: John Cage: City Circus, Program XII

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For this, the twelfth edition of the John Cage: City Circus programs, listen to the final concert performance by John Cage, featuring Joan La Barbara, Leonard Stein, and William Winant.  It was a world premiere of his work, Four6, recorded by WNYC at Central Park Summerstage, just two weeks before his death in July of 1992. Four6 invites its players to individually choose and number 12 sounds that they are willing to make, and to begin and end them sometime during a set of fixed durations and was dedicated to Pauline Oliveros on the occasion of her 60th birthday.

Also, listen to a brass work for by English composer Michael Nyman, a memorial piece, titled “For John Cage.” Plus, listen to Cage’s lovely, haunting piano piece, “Dream” arranged for three violas.

PROGRAM #        1059, John Cage/Citycircus, Program XII  (First aired on 7/27/1994)                                                          





Michael Nyman, feat. London Brass

Time Will Pronounce

For John Cage [14:30]

Argo #440-282. Out of print.  Try Amazon.com

Joan La Barbara with William Winant, Leonard Stein and John Cage               

live, Central Park 7/23/92         

Cage:"Four 6" [30:00]

This performance was later made available on Music & Arts CD 875. www.musicandarts.com

However, the Barton Workshop has also recorded the work, available at Amazon.com

AND so has Sonic Youth: www.sonicyouth.com

Various Artists: Maria Newman

The Romantic Approach

Cage:"Dream" [7:30], Arranged Karen Phillips

Celestial Harmonies 13087