Sandy Leaves At-Risk Kids and Families in Perilous Position

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Some of New York City's most vulnerable children may be in even more at risk following Sandy. The storm displaced thousands, and resource-strapped child welfare workers are trying to track down these vulnerable families and link them with services.

Many of these kids come from families already under stress due to poverty and other crises. But the storm, which lead to school disruptions, a lack of electricity or heat and – in some cases - even homelessness, have further confused and complicated matters.

“You’re talking about a system that’s set up to respond to reports of abuse and neglect, but all of a sudden you have this situation where the potential for neglect is the result of no power, no heat and no money,” Andrew White, director of Child Welfare Watch at the New School, told WNYC’s Soterios Johnson.

White says it may be too soon to judge how Sandy has affected at-risk kids. Reports of child neglect or abuse are usually made through schools, many of which were closed  in the days and weeks after Sandy.

Listen to WNYC’s Soterios Johnson’s full interview with Andre White above.