After Sandy: Long Beach, LI

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jack Schnirman, City Manager, Long Beach LI, and Dr. Herb R. Brown, Superintendent of the Oceanside School District, discuss the ongoing Sandy recovery efforts in Nassau County’s south shore.


Dr. Herb R. Brown and Jack Schnirman

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Judith Pullman from Long Beach

Did I hear jack Schnirman say On Brian Lehrer that we have only 200 evacuees or residents not able to return to their homes? If so, this is a gross Underestimation. I know of 84 from Seaview Terrace and 184 from Lido Towers twho can't return to their homes. He also said that most are staying with family and friends. Has he visited the Allegria and motels in surrounding areas. They are packed with Long Beach residents. A survey needs to be taken so that we can get the assistance we need. Meanwhile Jack Schnirman along with Caroly
n McCarthy need to be on the phone to Governor Cuomo to extend the hjotel program.

Jan. 21 2013 12:09 PM
LBauntie from Long Beach

Jack, can you explain the outrageous order given to Long Beach sanitation workers to THROW OUT DONATED CLOTHING??

Here is credible eyewitness account posted this Sunday on Facebook by Ginger Baratta Matthews, who is owner of popular west end LB laundromat:

"Since Sandy wiped out 99 % of Long Beach, and until I am able to get the laundromat up and running,I've been doing a lot of walking with Chloe. (Sandy took my car).
It brings tears to my eyes when I look at all the devastation throughout the city,No matter where I turned, there was someone handing out food,water ,clothing, a little ray of sunshine.The donations and love from total strangers ...has been overwhelming!
Today ,after myself, Chloe, (my dog)& Faye (she's 103)left the KofC where we had the pleasure of talking with residents,and some hot coffee,I came upon the sanitation dept.that was loading tons of donated clothing and whatever else was donated,into the sanitation truck.I asked what they were doing because I couldn't believe my eyes.Sadly enough, they said their boss told them to throw the stuff out.
They (the sanitation men) were as opposed to it as much as I was!
I called sanitation to object, but after 5 mins. of automation, could only leave a message.I then called the City manager's office and the secretary said she would make a phone call. I walked back and told the guys to slow down,perhaps there'd be a "saving grace".
The thing that's got me is that there's debris all over the West End that should be tossed,but instead they are tossing perfectly good stuff that was donated,by ,I'm sure by a bunch strangers.
It truly broke my heart ,I would have hung around to make sure something was done ,but it started to rain and my dog was cold and wet."

Nov. 21 2012 11:38 AM
John W from NJ

Brian please ask this guest about the fact that the City of Long Beach hired a firm called CP&E to come up with ta plan to address ocean and bayside flooding back in 2007. They finished their work in 2009 and the report is on Long BEach's website since 2009. Why has the City not acted on that plan?

Nov. 21 2012 11:36 AM

Sorry that I originally posted this under the wrong segment.

I'm very disappointed that, just like the mainstream media, WNYC and NPR have not reported on what's happening in the Bronx with regard to Superstorm Sandy. City Island is entirely Zone A; Throggs Neck and Schuylerville are on the ocean. Even the Public Advocate's Office and WNYC's volunteerism lists include no listings for the Bronx. Even though the Bronx over all fared better than other parts of the city, that doesn't mean that there aren't people here who are struggling.

Nov. 21 2012 11:03 AM

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