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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Don Van Natta Jr., New York Times reporter and co-author, with Jeff Gerth, of Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton (Little, Brown, 2007), discusses his new biography of Hillary Clinton.

Her Way is available for purchase at

Video: Hillary Clinton announces her new campaign song

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Jerry Krase from brooklyn

please don't repeat the same error concerning what it is that intelligence agencies do. they don't recommend action, they provide information. I am sure that the agencies never said that Iraq had WMDs. In my opinion they might have at most outlined the possibility of them (scenarios) but would never supply information they knew was false. it is also possible that Bush & Co went outside the agencies to collect their own, independent, information and comingled it with that from the official agencies as they have contracted outsiders for military operations, extradictions, interrogation, etc....

Jun. 20 2007 11:39 AM
StevenD from Boston

I don't think she needs to apologize. On the contrary I'd feel better about supporting her if she would own her vote.

Admit that she made the vote, and would make it again knowing what she knew then.

I can't stand that everyone, including she, appear to be Monday morning quarterbacking her decisions.

Jun. 20 2007 11:30 AM
John O' from Brooklyn

The so called “War Vote” was to enable Bush to have it in his pocket to use as a treat in negotiations to get Sadam to let the inspectors do there job and/or come clean, stop playing a shell game.
Thank you
JKohn O

Jun. 20 2007 11:27 AM
Halley Sikes from Boston, MA

Don just said that Hillary is steadfast in supporting her vote for the war - am I correct in recalling her recently saying that she was considering deauthorizing that vote?

Jun. 20 2007 11:19 AM
J-F Vergel

Celine Dion is Canadian and Fleetwood Mac are British... Don't the Clintons like American singers/bands?

Jun. 20 2007 11:13 AM
J DAlessandro from Crestwood, NY

Funny how the media loves picking over every personal element of our candidates lives [Gore sighs too much! He's fat! Edwards gets expensive haircuts! Hillary is too ambitious and strident!] while giving a free pass to greedhead lobbyists like Thompson or thugs like Giuliani -- who's life history would embarrass the Borgias.
I'm sure its just a coincidence. This Van Natta, like his Whitewater buddy, are distinguished journalists.

Jun. 20 2007 10:49 AM
Glenn Johnston from Manhattan

Hillary is more wooden than Al Gore seemed in the last presidential election. This last commercial ploy shows how unimaginative and utterly devoid of the capacity to think creatively that Hillary is.

I mean, how much did she pay someone to parrot the end of the Sopranos? Not to mention the whole "please help me pick a theme song" ploy which was another unimaginative and wooden move. People should not elect Hillary based on the fact that she is a WOMAN running for president, they should vote for her if she is QUALIFIED to be our president. Gender is NOT an issue. She lacks the skills (in my humble opinion) to manage a small town, let alone the Nation.

Jun. 20 2007 07:24 AM

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