#3398: Collaborative Producers

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For this New Sounds, listen to collaborative music by producers, from an English composer to an Ethiopian aid worker.  Hear a collaborative work from Deru, (Benjamin Wynn) an electronic music producer from Los Angeles and English composer Joby Talbot, called “Genus.”  It’s an electro-acoustic score for Wayne McGregor's ballet of the same title, based on Charles Darwin's discovery of evolution and commissioned by The Paris Opera Ballet.

There’s also Anglo-Ethiopian music from producer Dan Harper, heading up the collective/project known as “Invisible System,” developed while he was an aid worker for a British NGO in Ethiopia.  The music is a mix of the Ethiopiques sound, combining the new and/or traditional with post-punk, dub, psych rock, drum'n'bass and other electronic programming, resulting in an original concoction that has been compared to “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.”

PROGRAM #3398, Producers + World/Classical Music   (First aired on 11/19/2012)                                              





Invisible System feat. Mahmoud Ahmed

Introducing Invisible System

Maljam Kehnoelish (If This Is What You Want) [4:06]

World Music Network INTRO119, digital only release

The Egyptian Project

Ya Amar

Ya Amar [3:38]

Six Degrees Records

DJ Cheb I Sabbah

Shri Durga

Kese Kese - Zindegi Meera mix [6:11]

Six Degrees Records 657036-1009-2

Buscemi vs Koçani Orkestar

Electric Gypsyland 2

Alone At My Wedding [4:30]

Crammed 37

Joby Talbot & Deru


The Transmutation of Species, Part 1 [5:52]
The Transmutation of Species, Part 2 [5:18]

The Transmutation of Species, Part 3 [3:34]

The Transmutation of Species, Part 4 [2:51]


Moon Ate the Dark (Anne Rose Carter & Christopher Bailey)

Moon Ate the Dark

Messy Hearts [9:11]

Sonic Pieces / Morr Music sp 014
www.anost.net OR Download from Emusic.com