Manhattan Borough Head Takes Name Out of Possible Mayoral Bid

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will run for city comptroller next year, he announced Sunday in a move that will also reverberate through closely watched maneuvering for the mayor's race.

Speaking on the Brian Lehrer Show on Monday, political reporter Azi Paybarah said that although Stringer was polling at only 6 percent, his base in Manhattan made his possible candidacy significant. Council Speaker Christine Quinn is also from Manhattan and a likely mayoral candidate.

"If you believe that geography on a borough-wide basis matters, as some people do, he was not considered to be the leading candidate," he said, "but if he was doing anything to weaken the base of Christine Quinn, who is perceived to be really strong, that really could effect who might actually come out of the democratic mayoral nomination."

The race will be the first not to include Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a candidate since 1997.