The Hawaiian War Chant Extravaganza 2012

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A song that has its roots in a languid love ballad, The Hawaiian War Chant appears on nearly every album of Hawaiian and exotic music recorded in the 1950s and '60s. Usually it was an album's only up-tempo number, and so a lot of eccentric, excited arrangements of the tune were made. Played one after another, these varied arrangements display wild imagination and irrepressible verve. David Garland's first Hawaiian War Chant Extravaganza was on WNYC in 1989, prompting articles in the Wall Street Journal and Honolulu Magazine. Garland offered listeners a suitable-for-framing diploma to anyone who survived the ordeal, and received many requests. Diplomas from Spinning On Air's Fully Discredited University of the Air are available on the honor system. Download the diploma below, if you listened to the whole show, if you wish you had, or even if you wish you hadn't.