#1058: John Cage: City Circus, Program XI

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In the eleventh of these special City Circus programs, hear a 1982 concert performance of duo piano music by Erik Satie along with Cage’s “Credo in Us” for piano & percussion. Both are from the massive day-long festival, Wall-to-Wall John Cage, recorded at Symphony Space. Also, there’s keyboard music by David Borden for the Mother Mallard Portable Masterpiece Company based on the four letters of Cage’s name, and more.

PROGRAM #        1058, John Cage/Citycircus, Program XI  (First aired on 7/20/1994)                                                           





Ursula Oppens & Paul Jacobs, pianos        

Live, from Wall to Wall Cage, at Symphony Space
March 1982  

Erik Satie:"3 Pieces in the Form of a Pear" [14:49]

This performance not commercially available. 

Paul Jacobs, piano;
Daniel Druckman, percussion & Gordon Gottlieb, percussion

Live, from Wall to Wall Cage, at Symphony Space
March 1982   

John Cage: "Credo in Us"  [11:30]    

This performance not commercially available.

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company

Like A Duck to Water

David Borden: "C-A-G-E, Pt.II" [20:30]      

Earthquack #0002. Out of print LP, reissued as RUNE 147

John Cage          

Works for Piano, Toy Piano, and Prepared Piano

"A Book of Music"   (excerpt){3:00}    

Wergo #6158