Culture Shock 1913: Program Information

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“1913 is the moment where Modernism really comes into the open.  This is where it all bubbles to the surface, and the great public adventure of 20th century music and art really begins.” – Alex Ross, New Yorker music critic

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Air Information:

12/31 - 8 pm FM

1/1 - 2 pm FM

1/6 - 9 pm FM


The entire special program is also available streaming here, and as a podcast.


The one-hour special program Culture Shock 1913 visits that landmark year in global culture. It was a year in which Modernism asserted itself as never before: 


  • *The Rite of Spring had its legendary premiere in Paris. Audiences were shocked by its primitive dance steps and rhythms, and dissonant harmonies
  • *The Armory Show brought “Modern Art” from Europe to America, and shocked viewers by presenting unrecognizable, Cubist images to the US for the first time
  • *The Skandalkonzert of atonal music in Vienna, conducted by Arnold Schoenberg, was stopped abruptly by police and other authorities after audiences members protested loudly and began to make their way to the stage


Culture Shock 1913 goes back in time to look at the earliest years of the 20th Century, and the rapid changes in science, technology and thinking that brought about a sense of uncertainty and disorientation not unlike our own.

With commentary by New Yorker writers Alex Ross and Joan Acocella; Writer and USC Music/Journalism Professor Tim Page; pianist Jeremy Denk; Nobel Laureate, neuropsychiatrist Dr. Eric Kandel; authors Frederic Morton and Philipp Blom; Museum of Modern Art Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture Ann Temkin; Kimberly Orcutt (Curator of American Arts, working on The Armory Show at 100 at New-York Historical Society); conductor and educator Leon Botstein and others.