Free To Be: Part 1, Dan Deacon's 'America', Esperanto Pop

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Today on Soundcheck: We begin a three-part series on the 1972 children's record and book (and eventual ABC Afterschool Special) Free to Be… You and Me. The album turns 40 this month, and today, we talk with Emmy-winning producer Carole Hart and author Lori Rotskoff about how an album with second-wave feminist values made it into many homes in America -- including the childhood home of host John Schaefer.

Then, electronic composer Dan Deacon performs a few energetic songs from his latest record, America, in the studio. (And, watch what happens when we put Dan's knowledge of state flags and trivia to the test.) 

And bullpen contributor and Billboard editor Joe Levy adds an entry to the dictionary with a category of music he calls "Esperanto Pop."