DeLeon Offers A Lesson In Ladino 101

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When we talk about Spain in 1492, most people think of Christopher Columbus sailing to the New World. But Columbus wasn't the only one leaving Spain that year. It also saw the mass expulsion of the country's Jews, who fled to North Africa, Greece, Turkey. They eventually became known as Sephardic Jews, the Hebrew name for Spain. They brought with them a long history of singing, as well as the language commonly known as Ladino -- a Jewish language derived from Old Spanish, now nearly extinct.

The band DeLeon is helping keep the endangered dialect alive with its modern interpretations of Sephardic Jewish songs, found on their latest album, Tremor Fantasma. We hear a live performance in our studio. 

Set List:

  • "Barminan"
  • "La Serena"
  • "Bre Sarika"