Long Beach Prepares for Long Recovery After Sandy

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Long Island's Nassau County is among the hardest hit areas from last week’s massive storm. Tens of thousands of residents still don’t have power, and several areas have suffered damage from downed power lines, trees, and flooding — especially in Long Beach.

Newsday reporter James Madore lives in the city’s south shore, and he's been writing about storm recovery for the paper.

"I saw the ocean waters meet the bay, and you could see the waves colliding with each other right in the middle of the street," he told WNYC’s Soterios Johnson, of the night the storm hit.

The city is currently under a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and has extra security, as it recovers from the storm.

"During the day, Long Beach is getting back to normal, in a way," Madore said. "People are dragging debris out from their homes and putting it on the curb, people are going to get donations at the Ice Arena of warmer clothing, and they're also lining up to register with FEMA."

The city's sewer system is working, but its water is still being tested by the county.