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Thursday, November 08, 2012

A woman makes a victory sign as her fingers are painted with the colours of the Egyptian flag in Tahrir Square. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty)

On today’s show: We’ll look at how Egyptian women are faring in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Steely Dan co-founder Donald Fagen talks about his fourth solo album, “Sunken Condos,” and he’ll be joined by Michael Leonhart, who produced it. Ethan Chorin, one of the first American diplomats posted to Libya after international sanctions were lifted, shares his first hand account of the Libyan revolution. John Schwartz on his family’s struggle to help their troubled son navigate his teens.

"Two Revolutions" in Egypt

Wendell Steavenson talks about the paradoxical transition for Egypt’s women after Mubarak’s fall. In her article “Two Revolutions” is in the November 12 issue of The New Yorker, she writes that  women protested alongside in Tahrir Square, yet, “so far, the revolution has not advanced the cause of women and may even endanger it.” There are worries that the Islamist political parties that have dominated the political sphere since the revolution could curb women’s freedoms in an already conservative society.

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Donald Fagen and Michael Leonhart

Donald Fagen, one of the two masterminds behind Steely Dan, talks about his latest solo album, “Sunken Condos.” He's joined by Michael Leonhart, who produced the album.

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The Hidden History of the Libyan Revolution

Ethan Chorin, longtime Middle East scholar and one of the first American diplomats posted to Libya after the lifting of international sanctions, discusses the Libyan uprising. His book Exit the Colonel: The Hidden History of the Libyan Revolution is based upon extensive interviews with senior US, EU, and Libyan officials, and with rebels and loyalists; a deep reading of local and international media; and significant on-the-ground experience pre- and post-revolution.

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Oddly Normal

John Schwartz, a national correspondent with the New York Times, discusses his memoir, Oddly Normal. Three years ago, Schwartz’s 13-year-old son, came out to his classmates and despite the support of his parents, he attempted suicide. Schwartz’s writes of his family’s own struggles within a culture that is changing fast, but not fast enough to help gay kids like Joe.

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Guest Picks: Michael Leonhart

Producer Michael Leonhart was on the Leonard Lopate Show, along with Steely Dan co-founder Donald Fagen, to talk about working on Fagen's latest album. He also told us what he's been reading, watching and eating recently!


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