#3099: "Full Fathom Five": The Tempest in Music

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It’s the latest literary edition of New Sounds, featuring music inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and just one hour to fit in as much as we can.   There are many references to music in the play (and surely, many a term paper written to that end…) and this “Full Fathom Five,” one of Ariel’s songs, describes a death by shipwreck.  It’s also the title of one of the songs on the album, "Tempest" by the group The Young Scamels (the late Jason Noble and members of Rachel’s.)

Formed in late 2007 for a production of "The Tempest," the players include the late Noble on guitar, bass, drums, and keys, two more Rachel’s cohorts — Christian Frederickson on viola, piano, computer and Greg King doing vibes, percussion, and keys — and some guests - Amber Estes of Liberation Prophecy and Kyle Crabtree of Shipping News.  Their music is a deep and searching mix of post-rocky math-pop and electronica, with undercurrents of "new classical" music, and we’ll sample judiciously from their excellent record, "Tempest."  We'll also hear Gamelan Madu Sari’s work, which sets to music the same Ariel song, “Full Fathom Five.”  In fact, we'll hear three more settings of that same Ariel song!  Plus, there's music from Michael Nyman’s score to “Prospero’s Books," a work inspired by Calaban, and Ian Carr’s “Sounds and Sweet Airs" featuring trumpet and fluegelhorn with the organ, which was recorded in Shakespeare's own parish church (Southwark Cathedral)!

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

PROGRAM #        3099, Full Fathom Five: “Tempest”uous New Music (First aired on 7/22/2010)                                                       





The Young Scamels


Bring Forth a Wonder [2:49]
Tempest [3:21]
Full Fathom Five [4:12]

FT 74

Ute Lemper

Ariel Songs (Shakespeare)

Michael Nyman: Full Fathom Five [4:24]

London 425227 (POCL 1195 Japanese info).  Out of print.
Download only at Amazon.com, or via iTunes

Michael Nyman Band

The Essential Michael Nyman Band

Prospero's Books - Miranda [4:16]

Argo 436820
Now out of print, but try Amazon.com*

Ute Lemper

Ariel Songs (Shakespeare)

Michael Nyman: While you here do snoring lie [1:06]

See above.

The Young Scamels


A Solemn Air [5:20]

In Virtue Than In Vengeance [3:53]

See above.

Ian Carr, John Taylor

Sounds & Sweet Airs

A Sea Change, Rich & Strange [6:17]

Celestial Harmonies 13064

California E.A.R. Unit

Dreamtime: Chamber Music of Virko Baley

Virko Baley : The Sleep of Caliban, excerpt [1:00]

Cambria 1090

Gamelan Madu Sari


Alec Roth: Full Fathom Five [5:52]

Songlines 2406

Laurie Anderson

United States Live, Disc 4

The Blue Lagoon [9:38]

Nonesuch 25192