Election Favors the Women

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Many thought the elections this season were going to about jobs and the economy. However, as it turns out women's issues turned out be a major deciding factor for many voters this election season.

This election season has also ushered in the largest number of elected women officials in the nations history. By this January, almost a quarter of the senate seats will now be held by female politicians.    

Anne Salereporter from It's a Free Country, has closely followed the Senate races this election season. In regards to female elected officials and women's issues, she says, "I think you really saw this in New Hampshire, where two women won house seats and a woman candidate won the governor's race."

"You've heard so much about how this election was going to be all about jobs and the economy. But I heard voters — both women and men —  telling me that the thing that was making their mind up, the thing that was a clear line for them was abortion rights. I heard that in Florida, I heard that in New Hampshire, I heard that in Colorado. So it's interesting to look at these results through that lens," Sale says.